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Some curious cyber souls want to know where I actually live. Or how do I look like. Yes, it's me (ten years ago). And I live in Fairbanks, AK, US (not Russia or Africa)

This page is about to give you a web-anatomy of Anatoly, sort of cyber-tour of the webmaster.

When you are on the web, you are an organization... and you better be organized. Difficult for me, very difficult.

Web presence makes you PUBLIC. Transparent. But unlike in the angelic world, you are visible. Internet gurus say that you must be noticeable -- noisy and loud. Attractive...

This is why this page in directory market -- yes, "promotion" a good (working) terms with the webmasters.

Yes, you have to a master of your cyber image. Marketing, yes. Internet is very libertarian and capitalistic in nature... with some features of communism.

So, here is this self-promotion page!

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Brief History of Anatoly
In 1999 Anatoly will be fifty years old. It's a big number, considering that the city of Fairbanks is only a hundred years old.
My "Film with Anatoly" site: classes, events, my writing about nature of film.
Russian Page: Exile
My "writing" site: plays, traslation of new Russian Drama, Russian American Theatre (RAT), my writing about Russia.
Theatre with Anatoly
"Theatre with Anatoly" -- classes, sources, links, notes on directing, acting, theory. Shows I worked on, working now and plan to work some day.

Prof. Anatoly Antohin

Alaska, USA

Associate Professor
(My official title)

Key responsibilities
See my CV

Theatre Department
Theatre UAF

My Writing


Biographical Information

Arriving to the Web Age
End of Traveling

Current Projects

Promotion of Myself
Organiging Web-persona
New Ideas
Making my hard drives public
Make it user-friendly webs
Anatoly as Non-Profit Organization
Public Servic to Global Nation
2000: Anniversary Year
20 yeras since defection from Russia
Anatoly as Entertainment
Make it easy to follow
Web Site and Catalogue
It'll take some thinking, Anatoly!
Organizing Virtual Office
Forms and etc.

Personal Interests

Work more
Finishing Books
Finishing TextBooks
College money for my kids

Comments and Suggestions

So, what you think about this site?

Contact Information

Anatoly Antohin
Theatre UAF Fairbanks AK 99775
HOME: 3282 Adams Dr. #204B Fairbanks AK 99709

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About this page "Anatoly-Alaska": I placed it in a new directory market, because I have to organize the navigation. If someone wants to know where are the contents for manuscript "Direct" or "H.I.M." (His Im perial Majesty), I plan to put a page in this directory. Oh, I have plans! I always had too many of them.

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