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Theatre Theory * This is the only page on "Russian Theatre," but you can find many Russian Theatre related pages: drama, acting and directing. I do not approach theatre (Russian or American) from the historical POV (you can get it from many other sources), only from the working point of view. AA

TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + american age + space + time + chronotope + direct + event theory + present + sex + past + marxism + shows +
teatr.us : Notes (about Russian Theatre in Russian): 20 век -- столетие театральное. Весь мир стал театром. Недаром постмодернизм подражателен. Театр вышел из "церковных" рамок, стал зрелищем повсеместным (тотальным). "Система Станиславского" должна быть рассмотрена шире -- театрализация жизни.... (Book of Spectator)

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2006: new
GeoAlaska: Acting, Directing, Theory
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I do not teach Russian Theatre and this page is a footnote for directing, acting, drama classes. The photo and images are lost while transfering pages from one server to another and I have no time to restore them from the archives. There are other "Russian" pages, but mostly my recent playwriting in Russian; see Russian Pages directory.

Logic of placing some texts on my Russian pages? An impulse. Something I want to save (for myself). This page is not a source... I am putting new links anymore; you have to keep them updated, but so many died, dying and will die -- you better make money on your sites, treat it as business, if you collect the links. The list on this page isn't updated for two years!

If I will make this deal with the Moscow Art Theatre School in the Summer (2002) and, if I can get the communication grant from my university, I will set some Russian Resources from MXAT on the web (I suspect, first, in Russian in Moscow, on their server; the translation is another project all together). It would be nice to make available the archives of the Art Theatre on the web, but this task must be for theatre historian, not me. I spoke with Smelyansky and we at least can start it. How long will take to finish? He said that only now they finally publish complete Stanislavsky (32 books in Russian), you do the math.

Maybe Moscow government and/or Ministry of Culture can throw some money for this project, but without the western funds it won't go far. Besides, web-publishing (the cheapest) in English will benefit us, not the Russians. Well, American Theatre is far behind other field in being cyber-friendly; too many things here are still not online. Anyway, as kids say, we can start something....

Anatoly, March 2002

About Acting (in Russian)

Русские Страницы
New: Recurrence of Fate: Theatre and Memory in Twentieth-Century Russia, Spencer Golub

Inspector General and 3 Other Plays by Nikolai Gogol, Eric Bentley (Translator); includes comedies Marriage, Gamblers, and a dramatization of Diary of a Madman

Old: Gorchakov, Nikolai A. The Theater in Soviet Russia. New York: Columbia University Press, 1957.

(c)2004 * new: Oksana Mysina 2006: anatoly.org


There are at least four published translations of DAYS OF THE TURBINS. The most readily available are in THE EARLY PLAYS OF MIKHAIL BULGAKOV, tr. Carl & Ellendea Proffer (Indiana UP, 1972) and under the title THE WHITE GUARD, tr. * Michael Glenny, in SIX PLAYS OF BULGAKOV (Methuen, 1991). * Zelenik: the only translation of Evreinov's INSPECTOR GENERAL and was published in PERFORMING ARTS JOURNAL in Mar. 1984.


Russian & Soviet Theatre (Rudnitzki) *
* one act fest
Meyerhold @ Work *


This page is only to support the shows I directed (Chekhov, Gogol, Dostoevsky) or/and plays I teach (Chekhov).
The Possessed 2003
Mersoev New Trends *
In 1756 Elizaveta Petrovna, daughter of Peter the Great, issued an edict establishing the State Russian Theatre in St.Petersburg. The company consisted mostly of amateur actors from Yaroslavl' headed by the legendary Fyodor Volkov.

chekhov pages @ vtheatre

Four Farces & One Funeral Chekhov05 UAF *

The Russian Theatre after Stalin by Anatoly Smeliansky Cambridge University Press, 1999 Hardback. ISBN: 0521582350
This is the first book to explore the world of the theatre in Russia after Stalin. Through his work at the Moscow Art Theatre, Anatoly Smeliansky is in a key position to analyse contemporary events on the Russian stage and he combines this first-hand knowledge with valuable archival material, some published here for the first time, to tell a fascinating and important story. Smeliansky chronicles developments from 1953 and the rise of a new Soviet theatre, and moves through the next four decades, highlighting the social and political events which shaped Russian drama and performance. The book also focuses on major directors and practitioners, including Yury Lyubimov, Oleg Yefremov, and Lev Dodin, among others, and contains a chronology, glossary of names, and informative illustrations.

Russian and Soviet Theatre Tradition and the Avant-Garde * Konstantin Rudnitsky
In the interval between the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 the Russian theatre of the future was already an obsessive preoccupation for writers, directors and designers. Lenin proclaimed that theatre had to be ‘greater than a spectacle’, and directors, designers, playwrights and artists rose to the challenge, creating an aesthetic revolution which is still inspiring today’s dramatists. Russian and Soviet Theatre documents the extraordinary developments of the years from about 1900 to 1932. It presents an astonishing wealth of previously unpublished material, including over 450 illustrations showing performances directed by Meyerhold, Eisenstein and Mikhail Chekhov, with designs by some of the greatest modernist artists of the age, including Malevich, Larionov and Rodchenko. Visually exhilarating and critically perceptive, this book is a unique record of this formative period in modern theatre.

Theatre and Performance Studies at the Moscow Art Theatre Moscow, Russia
June 6 - July 2 or 3, 2005

Moscow Theatre News Страницы московской театральной жизни

Summary RAT *

Pravda.RU 2001-08-28


On Wednesday, August 29, the oldest Russian theatre - Maly Theatre in Moscow - will open its 246th season traditionally with the play "Fyodor the Tsar." As early as September 5th, the Maly company will leave for a tour in Yaroslavl, Volga region. The Maly company will be hosted by the Fyodor Volkov Theatre and will show six shows, including "Kabale und Liebe," "The Wolves and The Sheep," and "Uncle Vanya." Artistic Director of the theatre Yury Solomin said at the Tuesday meeting of the company that several new performances were planned for this season. The theatre will stage "The Abyss," "The Bankrupt," and "Love's Labour Lost." A well-known director Sergei Zhenovach will stage a show based on one of Russian classical plays. Vaudeville is also considered as a possibility.
The Maly Theatre will show Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" and "The Cherry Orchard" to French audience. In October, the theatre will be hosted by a Versailles Montasier theatre.

Dodin-Russian Directors

russian DVDs *

Rozanov & Chekhov
Russian Theatre: fest.theatre.ru + cultu.ru (webcast)
Berdyaev & Chekhov
smotr.ru "Smotritel'" (in Russian) *

Popular Theater and Society in Tsarist Russia by E. Anthony Swift; University of California Press, 2002

The Moscow Art Theatre by Nick Worrall; Routledge, 1996

Russian Directors (XX century): RAT files


Borovskiy (stage designer)

[ captions ]

2006 new: новые страницы по-русски. Русские, 20 век -- Розанов, Бунин, Бродский, Зиновьев.

"Страница Гротовского" (Режиссура). И Питер Брук.

Russian 2007 -- Russian Pages : Winter Fool [ru]

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How old is Russian Theatre? Folk tradition (Vertep) -- over 1000 years, written drama -- 200...

Russian Theatre

Русский Театр

Most recent -- Russian-American Theatre Project (RAT)
[image] rudnitski.jpg alt="Rudnitski, wrote one of the best books on Meyerhold"

[Posters, Designs, Faces, Names]

Lubimov [ A lot of images (12), please, read, while the pictures are loading. ]
[images are not restored] Taganka Theatre + Dodin, other directors. For Meyerhold -- go to StageMatrix, for Stanislavsky -- Method Acting for Directors *

Russia Page + Moscow & St.Petersburg

* Book list (bottom) is mostly in Russian.

NEW: Vakhtangov and Tairov

Next Show: Four Farces & One Funeral Chekhov05 UAF * Visotsky-Taganka

I do not have Moscow Art Theatre page.

Nor do I have most recent Russian playwrights (Sorokin play).

I will try to have bilingual texts (first time) for Chekhov's one-acts (Fall 2005) + his letters (see Chekhov Pages in script.vtheatre.net

Nothing about Russian actors (Vladimir Visotsky, left, linked to Taganka Theatre)


Anatoly March 2005

Chekhov & MAT MAT [britannica]: Russian theatre specializing in theatrical naturalism.
It was founded in 1898 by Konstantin Stanislavsky (as artistic director) and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko (administrative director) with the goal of replacing old-fashioned histrionic acting and heavy-handed staging with a simpler and truer style. It opened with Aleksey Tolstoy's Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich and won its first major success with Anton Chekhov's The Seagull. Along with other plays by Chekhov, the theatre mounted new works by writers such as Maksim Gorky and Maurice Maeterlinck. Its company received acclaim on European and U.S. tours in 1922 and influenced later theatrical development worldwide. Since 1939 it has been known as the Moscow Academic Art Theatre.

Moscow Art Theatre: 100 years

Pre-publication version of the "Marquee" column to be published in the Moscow Times Oct. 30, 1998. Any and all quotations of, or references to, this article must cite John Freedman.
Oleg Yefremov, the artistic director of the Chekhov Art Theater, opened the Moscow Art Theater's 100th anniversary celebrations on Monday declaring that the day was "wonderful, difficult, happy and tragic." Over the next four and a half hours of a rambling concert that was broadcast nationally on ORT, all of those definitions fell into place. Wonderful was Yury Lyubimov's introduction of Vsevolod Meyerhold's granddaughter Maria Valentei-Meyerhold and Yevgeny Samoilov, an actor who in the 1930s performed for Meyerhold, one of the greatest "sons" of the Moscow Art Theater. Happy was the sight of Konstantin Raikin at center stage listening to a tape recording of his father, the great comic Arkady Raikin, delivering a hilarious greeting at the Art Theater's 75th anniversary in 1973. As for difficult and tragic, there was enough in this chaotic, often rank amateur evening to have us shaking our heads and shedding tears until the next centennial arrives.
The iron-clad etiquette of Russian theater dictates that we ignore publicly certain situations that in private everyone knows, ridicules and laments. It should come as little surprise that one such topic is the problem of alcoholism, the scourge of many a Russian playhouse and of the Moscow Art Theater. Throughout the congratulatory sketches performed by approximately 25 guest theaters and organizations, the theme of drunkenness prevailed. Skits about soused stagehands, ticket-takers and actors recurred so often it was often impossible to tell whether the theater was being toasted on its anniversary or being pickled to be preserved in a jar.
Yefremov, one of the finest actors of his generation and a notorious drinker, began the evening tipsy and became increasingly so as the evening progressed. The final image of the broadcast was Oleg Tabakov, whom some consider the heir apparent to the leadership of the Chekhov Art Theater, handing to Yefremov what appeared to be a five-liter goblet of champagne.
Through it all, precious little was said about the Art Theater's founders Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, its "founding playwright" Anton Chekhov or the many great actors who embodied the glory of one of the theater that is perhaps the most influential in history. Is anything left of that once great theater? Yes, in its name, its photos and its history.
-- John Freedman
All Freedman's articles are posted with the author's permission
Something tells me that I'll have Soviet Theatre page as well.
Theatre History
Russian American Theatre Project



Chekhov Theatre


Moscow Theatres Bolshoi Theatre

Moscow Art Theatre

Russian Theatre in Israel

Oldest Russian Theatre

Russian Artist Mila, who lives in Fairbanks

Interstudio, St. Petersburg

Anatoly Smelyansky

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Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 05:19:29 -1000
From: International Department
Subject: Summer School 2002

Dear Colleagues,
The St.Petersburg Theater Arts Academy, the largest theatre instutition in Russia founded in 1779, would be really grateful if you could place this information in your newsletter or spread it by any other means among those who could be interested. We hope that participants of the course offered would benefit from it: in the splendid city of Saint Petersburg during white nights: it would raise their professional level and give inspiration for the future.

* The Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, the largest theatre instutition in Russia founded in 1779, has the pleasure of announcing the Summer School-2002 "STANISLAVSKY and MEYERHOLD: Two Approaches to Acting" to be organised in Saint Petersburg in June 17 - 29, 2002. The course is aimed to introduce international young actors, drama students as well as others interested to Russian theatre school. The course provides theoretical overview of impressive heritage of two leading theatre figures of the 20th century and offers its specific use in acting practice.

Working language is English (All classes are delivered in English or in Russian with the translation to English).

The deadline for registration is April 30, 2002. For more information and application form please visit the Academy's web-site www.tart.spb.ru or contact International Department at international@tart.spb.ru.

Best regards,
Aliona Bocharova, Manager, International Department, Saint Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia Tel/fax: 7 812 272 1789

Genres ShowCases: Hamlet (tragedy), Mikado (opera), 12th Night (comedy), Dangerous Liaisons (drama)

Pushkin about Russian Theatre -- teatr.us/intro

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FREQUENT LIST #237---Jan 2004


Books on Russian theater culled from our data base. If ordering, please add
$2.90 for postage per order (large/foreign orders billed at cost).

Visit our website at www.orpgroup.com

-----33. RUSSIA: THEATER-----

237-1. Mikhailovskii, A. A. (comp.) // Meierkhol'd i khudozhniki // /Mos.
 1995/, pp. 356, qt. Ill. Important work on Meierhold's work with
Russian set designers in 1920s-30s. English summaries/captions. $65

237-2. Tsvetaev, S. A. // Pavel Z. Andreev. K tridnatsatiletiiu ego
stsenicheskii deiatel'nosti 1903-1933 // /Len. 1934/, pp. 30, ill. $27

237-4. Vendrovskaia, L. D. (comp./ed.) // Vstrechi s Meierkhold'dom.
Sbornik vospominanii. // /Mos. 1967/, pp. 630, ill. Memoirs of Deich,
Kachalov, Erenburg, Eizenshtein et al. $48

237-5. Struve, Alek et al // Il'ia Sats // /Mos-Petrograd  1923/, pp.
110 + 25. Leading actor/director (died in early 1920s) $63

237-6. Meskheteli, V. (ed.) // Moskovskii Khudozhestvennyi Teatr v
illiustratsiiakh i dokumentakh // /Mos. 1945/, pp.312, ill. $96

237-7. Derman, A. (ed.) // Zapiski krepostnogo aktera M. Shchepkina. //
/Mos. 1928/, pp.260, ill. Beloved serf actor of early 19th C. $47

237-8. Tsarev, M. I. (ed.) // Ezhegodnik Malogo teatra 1955-1956. // /Mos.
1961/, pp. 490, ill. $73

237-9. Al'tshuller, A. Ia. (ed./comp.) // Vera Fedorovna Komissarzhevskaia.
Pis'ma aktrisy. Vospominaniia o nei. Materialy. // /Mos. 1964/, pp.420.
Famous doe-eyed actress who died prematurely in 1911. Her funeral was an
occasion of national mourning and grief. $36

237-10. Iankovskii, M. O. (ed.) // Teatr i zhizn;. // /Mos. 1957/, pp.415,
qt., ill. Soviet theater in early 1950s + its message. $58

237-11. Filatova, N. // Evgenii Vakhtangov. Opyty teratral'noi pedagogiki.
// /Vladivostok 1990/, pp.120. $16

237-12. Loginova, O. K. & Belza, Igor (eds.) // Nadezhda A. Obukhova.
Vospominaniia, stat'i, materialy. // /Mos. 1970/, pp. 320. Actress active
1914-1952. $42

237-3. Brodskii, Alek (ed.) // M. N. Ermolova // /Len.  1925/,
pp. 120, qt. Ill. Articles by A. Kizevetter et al on actress + Russian
theater of 1890s. [Cover partly stained] $94

237-13. Evreinov, N. & Rerikh, N. et al (comps.) // Opis vystavlennykh v
pol'zu lazareta shkoly narodnago iskusstva Eia Velichestva Gos.
Imperatritsy Aleksandry Fedorovny pamiatnikov russkagp teatra iz sobraniia
L. I. Zheverzheeva. [I prilozheniem opyta slovarya dekloratorov (sost. V.
Stepanovym] ] // /Petrograd, 1915/, pp. 100. $134

174-558. Levina, L. Smelianskaia, S. (comps.)Solodilina, N. (ed.) 
Mikhail Chekov. Annotirovannyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel'. // M.   1994 , pp. 188. 
Eng Russian annotations of Chekov as
director, actor, teacher of Moscow theater 1917-1927. $24

192-110. Tolstoi, V. P. (ed.) // Sovetskoe dekorativnoe iskusstvo
1917-1945. // /M. 1984/, pp. 256 + 132 ill. Agitprop train, some theater
designs, etc. $54

123-563. Khersonskii, Khris. // Boris Shchukin. Put' aktera. // M. 1954/ ,
pp. 274, ill. Theater in the 1930s. $34

125-491. Valentei, M. A. et al (ed.), // Vstrechi s Meierkhol'dom. Sbornik
vospominanii. // M. 1967/, pp.620, $37

115-350. Vendrovskaia, L. Kaptereva, G. (compseds.) // Evgenii Vakhtangov:
Sbornik // /Mos. 1984 /, pp. 571. Memoirs of Russian theater celebrity
[1883-1922]. $38

115-338. Shverubovich, V. V. // O liudiakh, o teatre i o sebe. Vstup.
stat'ia V. Vilenkina // M. , 1976, pp. 431, ill. Son of Soviet
artist V. Kachalov refelcts on MKhAT + Soviet theater in the early 1900s. $29

182-35. Leningradskii gosudarstvennyi teatr Komedii // "V Ponedel'nik v 8".
Tragicheskii fars E. Ferber I Dzh. Kaufmana. // /Len. 1938/, pp. 36, ill.
Comments on Edna Ferber's play performed in 1938 $64

183-62. Poliakova, E. (comp./ed.), // Leopol'd A. Sulerzhitskii. Povest' i
rasskazy. Stati I zametki o teatre. Perepiska. Vospominaniia o L.
Sulerzhitskom. // /M. 1970/, pp. 708, ill. Actor 1900-1916 + MKhAT theatre
in Moscow; travels to Dukaboars in Canada; family life. $32

186-1. Teliakovskii, V. A. // Dnevniki Direktora Imperatorskikh teatrov.
1898-1901, Moskva. // /Mos. 1998/, pp. 750, ill. Important work on late
19th C. Russian culture + theater. $37

103-216. Vsevolodskii-Gerngross, V. N. // Russkaia ustnaia narodnaia drama
// M. 1959/ 134 p $18

108-505. Ostrovskii, Nikolai. // Sochineniia // 3 vols. /M. 1968/.
382,310,482 p,. letters, articles, conversations. Condition: Vol. 3: covers
warped $49

127-402. Vil'vovskaia, Lidiia. // Angelina Osipovna Stepanova // /M. 1949/,
pp. 60. Actress + MXAT late 1920s $28

127-404. Pozharskaia, M. // Ol'ga N. Androvskaia // M. 1951/, pp. 82, ill.
Actress + MXAT in the 1920s $29

127-405. Turchaninova, Evdokiia. // Pis'ma, stat'i. Vospominaniia
sovremennikov // M. 1974/, pp.430, ill. . Malyi Teatr 1910-1930 $34

127-425. Golubovskii, B. // Bol'shie malen'kie teatry // /Mos. 1998/,
pp.470, . MXAT in the 1930s-40s $31

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M. 1965/, pp. 234 $23

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ill $22

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Leading critic comments on ingenious staging of Bolshevik plays. $66

127-454. Vsevolodskii-Gerngross, V. (ed.) // Starinnyi spektakl' v Rossii.
Sbornik statei // Len. 1928/, pp. 384, ill. Stage machinery + illust of
early set designs.; bibliography of Russ. teatr drama in 17-18 th C. etc $146

127-504. Obraztsov, G. A. // V. V. Stasov i russkioe iskusstvo // St.P.
1997/, pp. 120, qt. Ill $23

131-506. Vinogradskaia, I. (comp. ed.) // Zhizn' i tvorchestvo K. S.
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M. >Iskusstvo<.1976/, pp. 376, ill $26

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M. >Iskusstvo< 1986, pp. 222, ill. qt $37

133-613.  // Maria Savina. Tritsat piat' let na Imperatorskoi stsene.
Zasluzhennia artiska Imperatorskoi Russkii dramaticheskoi gruppa. M. T.
Savina 1862-1907 g. na provintsialnykh stenakh i v zhizni // Mos. 1909/,
pp.100, ill. (photos of famous roles 1875-1909.) $175

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in the 1940s $34

137-705. Tsirpons, Inga. // Aktery, roli, eriteli. Iz teatralnoi zhizni
gubernskogo Pskova // Pskov, , 1997, pp. 132, ill $19

137-715.  // Ezhegodnik Imperatorskikh Teatrov. >Sezon 1894-1895,
Prilozhenie 1; >Sezon 1895-1896, pril. 1, 2; >Sezon 1896-1897, pril. 1,
3; >Sezon 1900-1901, pril. 1, 2, 3; >Sezon 1901-1902, pril. 4; >Sezon 1910:
vyp. 5; >Sezon 1912, vyp. 2, 4, 5, 6 //  /Moscow 1901-12/ Illus. Moscow art
theater, actors, comments on performances; many photos. $60 each

137-723. Korolev, D. G. // Ocherki iz istorii izdaniia i rasprostraneniia
teatralnoi knigi v Rossii XIX-nachala XX vekov // St.P. , 1999/, pp. 324 $29

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150-506. Mal'tseva, Olga. // Poeticheskii teatr Iuriia Liubimova. Spektakli
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272, ill $23

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2: Meierkhold i drugie. Dokumenty i materialy. //M. 2000, pp. 767,
ill. Russian theater 1900-1914 $47 each

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2000/,pp. 368. Theater critic. $29

147-514. Soboleva, A. A. (comp. ed.) // Aleksei N. Verstovskii.
Biobibliograficheskii ukazatel' // /Tambov, 1999/, pp. 355. Tambov composer
+ theater actor ca. 1820s-1850s $29

147-903. Nijinsky, Romola. // Nijinsky // NY. 1935/, pp. 447, Wife's
account of ballet dancer's life $46

152-507. Kharkovskii gos. Teatr Russkogo Dramy. //  V. Skavarin,  CHUZHOI
REBENNOK. 29, 30, 31 Ianvaria 1934 goda. 48"x 36" folded. Original poster
from 1934. // Kharkov 1934/. In fine condition slight tear on a fold-line.
Several other posters also available from the 1930s. $365

156-508. Gorchakov, N. // Rezhisserskie uroki K. S. Stanislavskogo. Besedy
i zadachi repetitsii // M.  2nd ed + add. 1951/, pp. 566, ill.
Stanislavski's directorial views on pre 1917 Russian theater. $87

158-528. Znosko-Borovskii, Evg. // Russkii Teatr nachala XX veka. Kratkii
ocherk; Mos. Khudozhest. teatr; boba s naturalizmom i realizmom; teatr i
revoliutsiia // /Prague, 1925/, pp. 448. $78

161-504. Smelianskii, Anatolii M. // Predlagaemye obstoiatel'stva: Iz
zhizni russkogo teatra vtor. pol. XX veka // M.  1999/, pp. 351,
ill. . Various theater groups + their struggles: BDT in St.P.; Sovremennik
in Moscow; Discussion of Efros, Fomenko, Dodin, et al $26

161-622.  // Iskusstvo i zhizn' // #6(1939). /Moscow, 1939/ "Igor Ilinskii
v Malom Teatre"; "Deklaratsii i praktika" Theater journal $55

163-505. Petrov, Nikolai. // Trinadtsat' urokov dramy // M.  1929/, pp. 106. 
New directions in Soviet theater $68

165-304. Nedolia D. K. // Nesparovana para // Kiev, 1885/, pp. 118. Drama
in 5 acts $18

166-454. Ezhegodnik Moskovskogo Khudozhestvennogo Teatra // Ezhegodnik
Moskovskogo Khudozhestvennogo Teatra. [Years]:> 1943: Life of
Nimirovich-Danchenko ; V. I. Kachalov, "Vospominanii" ; Letters of
Stanislavskii;>1944, v. 1: [Nemirovich-Danchenko, "O teatre,,,"' Leonidov's
memoirs; >1945, v. 2: Pamiati Khmeleva // M. 1945-48/, pp 840, 848, 485,
ill. Valuable accounts of Mkhat + leading figures during the war years.
$140 each

167-452. Evreinov, N. // Samoe glavnoe // Peterburg, 1921; rep. 
Mich. 1979/, pp. 138. Play in 4 acts $21

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Genres ShowCases: Hamlet (tragedy), Mikado (opera), 12th Night (comedy), Dangerous Liaisons (drama)

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