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Welcome! This site is about Film -- my classes and my theories... You are always a student, especially when you teach. When you study something so new as film, you create new meanings...

directing: working with space, time, actors, spectators (theatre)
Film600: Tarkovsky, Bergman, Film-North
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May 29, 1998. Three weeks ago I was young and naive. I started this page assuming that it's just a "page"... I spent two weeks building our AFRICAN PAGE -- HAILE SELLASSIE FAMILY HOME PAGE
I thought it would be a simple "family" page. That's where "afronord" came from (African and Nordic). After all, there are only four of us. Mother from Addis Ababa, father from Moscow, RUSSIAN PAGES son born in Vermont and daughter in New York City. We live in Fairbanks, Alaska, the North of everything. GeoAlaska... Nothing about family is on this website, go to other my pages, if you want to know more about me. I teach at the University of Alaska and, if you interested in LAB THEATRE or AMERICAN IDENTITY, click on one of them. (I recommend the African Site)

This website is about FILM

Film classes I teach and the book I'm writing "View Points" (see POV)
If you're interested in basic film-making, go to FUN-da-mentals of DIRECTING or if you like film theory go to FILM 600 (a graduate class I'll teach in the Fall of 1999), or if -- into heavy philosophy, with a postmodern taste SELF and TECH. Also, Spring'99 Film & Drama class.

Overview: Teaching
FUNDAMENTALS OF DIRECTING 331 is an introductory course and has two parts -- directing for stage, and after the break -- the video. Most of the theory on staging is on THEATRE with Anatoly site.
The next level of directing is in ADVANCED STAGE DIRECTING and FILM DIRECTING (Film is a new concentration in our Theatre B.A. program)
VISIONS OF THE NORTHERN MIND is a special topics course with the NORTHERN STUDIES department. FILM 600 A graduate class on film theory. Russian, Scandinavian and the North American cinema.
Also, I posted some self-help materials for the Film Summer classes 1998 with the Fine Arts Camp Film for Kids and the FILM CLUB page for our UAF and community members FCLUB You all are welcome to be virtual members!


2nd FILM FESTIVAL: Russian America & American Russia!

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PAGES OF THE FILM SITE: Concepts & Conceptualization {Directing. Basics} {[Film 600]} main {Analysis} {(Film for Kids)} (UAF Film Club) {Glossary} {[Tarkovsky]} [{Eisenstein]} (Montage) {Bergman} [North] {Drive-Through Film Theory} Books Lists Films Notes Film Directing 2nd Film Festival 1999 Theatre Theory Web&Net: Reference Page Self-Reference, Credits

Follow the three major areas -- {Teaching}, [Research], (Service) (Academia, you know). Pages without {}, [] or () are too personal to categorize. If you see the title of the page with {[]} -- it must be both teaching and research. If you're in my class -- subscribe to FORUMs!
My Film site is one year old and became too big. New organization is at Mining Film. I hope the frames can make your navigation easy. Bookmark it and come back for updates and new pages.

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This website doesn't represent the views
          of my department,
                and, perhaps, even my own.

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TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + death + self + imdb + history + scripts + amazon.com/kindle

Students: you MUST write, shoot, direct and edit your first film!
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Sight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics Developed at San Francisco State University, this textbook isolates the five fundamental image elements of television and film--light and color, 2D space, 3D space, time/motion, and sound--examines their aesthetic characteristics and potentials, and structures them in their respective aesthetic fields. The fourth edition adds sections on inductive shot sequences, electronic cinema, and alternative storytelling techniques. *** [an error occurred while processing this directive] Tolstoy -- WRITE directory
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