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For a year I lived on free websites, but having a single website is a commitment. I have over one dozen. Tripod is the biggest -- 17MG (2002 = 22!).

I started it as Film site, then I placed several manuscripts-in-progress (Self, Tech, Pomo, POV), some pages from my Theatre w/Anatoly @ TheGlobe [died around Y2K] and even the mirror site for Sellassie Family WWW...

I use my site as a tool, for myself. I put my notes for classes, tests, references and drafts of my writing, but when pages get some traffic, they are becoming public, i.e. commercial.
Finally, I opened Sellassie BUSINESS WWW to bring my all pages about web, net and business in one place. Yes, it is a business, even if you think that it is your "personal" page. After you had your fun building it come the maintainence. You have to update, redesign, add and so on. Plus, you want others to see it, don't you?
Here comes the whole new world beyond HTML -- marketing, promotion, popularity, traffic, hits, etc.
Maybe it's easy to move your existing business on the Internet, but to turn your pages into a business is nothing short of start-up venture. I am sure that most of the website owners understand what they are getting into (and what do they "own" on free site, when the servers claim the copyright on the content of your site?) Rwad about it on Sellassie BUSINESS WWW pages.
This page named "Web-Self-Reference" to provide myself and you with inner references to my pages. The inner structure is the most complicated aspect of organizing your sites. You see, Web and Internet are open structures and each site has this tendency to be linked out. You need to balance it the solid self-organization, sometimes called "navigation" (I never liked the term). You want your visitors to stay, to return -- and... to contribute.
Buying on your site or through your site is only the obvious and primitive form of "loyalty" -- I believe in educational purpose of ANY webpage. What else do we come for to any page if not for information. We want to learn.
Good bookpages have the same power -- I read because I want to understand more...
I'll contradict most of the experts who believe in "broadcasting" quality of the Web -- you have to produce "news" all the time. For a small fish it is difficult and not practical. The big guys are doing it already. You better stay with your small subject. The smaller the better. I limited my Theatre w/Anatoly to Directing, Acting, Script Analysis... and you know, it's too broad!
The strategy is to digg, to go deeper. "Think big" means going into specialization -- that is the way for anything new to compete.
I'm a self-taught webmaster and I do not believe that anybody could succeed without learning the basic of HTML. There will be a few months of struggle, but you get enough control over your pages, something you can't have with "easy" editors. I am a user, I work with HTML to place my content (information, data). I limit my studies of graphics and JAVA, you have to make your choices, you have to know what you are after.

Limitations! You have to decide what you do not do!
That's why all my sites have FAQ pages now. Tell your visitors what they shouldn't expect.
I do not believe in "free" stuff. Free animations, midi files, images, backgrounds... Use you right click, see "View Source" -- and copy it. That's how it's done. The rest it up to you. If you are serious webmaster, you will credit the author, and if you not -- you steal. Do you see list of files on this page? I gave up on my initial idea to bring them all together for your convinience -- work your mouse!
I had to learn how to use my web-time. I do not surf, even my own pages (you can see many errors because of it). I build pages online, because this is the fastest way. Be fast is the rule. Think fast!
Work fast... learn how to be web smart!
Net and Web are about to change the world. Do you want to ride the wave? Change yourself!

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Acting in Person and in Style
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How to Read a Film
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Looking Into The Future

Only now I understand that you build site from the future, trying to understand what should be out there tomorrow... You don't see you mistakes today, you have to wait till today becomes yesterday. Only now I understand why so many websites have signs "under construction" -- web is a process, its language evolves. My chapters on technology need to reflect my four months of experiencing web-building. Sept. 28, 1998

Haile Sellassie Mirror Web: Africa & the World

My WebSite Reference Page

I didn't know that I had to create that many HTML pages which support the content pages. This page is for references and credits of my Tripod (the biggest) website.

The original Haile Sellassie Web (over 4MG) has so many files that I won't be able to list them all. Use right click and credit us. For sources go to Reference Page; this page is my Web-Self Refences.

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Backgrounds, bottons, lines, etc. -- go to the Websites for graphics.
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[ Back-up is my biggest problem, because I have no time for it. ]

PS. All WeBiz updates you can find there -- WebBiz! No grade, I learn, when I learn -- mostly my notes and messages. (Not real class, of course).

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TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + death + self + imdb + history + scripts + amazon.com/kindle
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