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Classes Fall 2001: Film & Video Directing, 200X Core Aesthetics.

Featured Pages: Film Classes Directory

Notes: future plans.

I reworked all directories as online ebooks, weTextBooks. All Forums are opened. The 200X class will probably use vTheatre List.

My professional plans are in Theory directory.

I write, some chapters of my nonfiction are in write directories.

Web-plans are in WEB directory.

Big deal: I suspect that the era of "free" internet is coming to its end. Look s like that very soon theGlobe and the other servers will force me to pay ("ipublish" is already installed by theGlobe, pay-per-view). So, most likely some pages will be closed for members only. I still do not know how will it work. [theGlobe died.]

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HamletDreams 2001


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After 2009 :

jumpcut movie:Fellini : "Fantastic Realism" film analysis

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The Web. More online tests.

Graphics: charts, diagrams and etc.

New templates. New ways to update.

Pages must have "dynamic content" in order to be revisited!

The biggest problem I have with my webpages that I do not anticipate the development. Only recently I realize that I should have 2001 and 2002 pages (Theatre Theory and Research). Perhaps even 2003 and 2004?

Why? Because after two years of being a webmaster I know what to expect. I know that the number of visitors will double againg (at least) and the intensive traffic asks for new arrangements (and web-design).

To help me with the content pages, including CLASSES, I had to open WEB directory. Somebody has to think ahead, somebody in charge of those pages, the webmaster.

I am still working backwards, moving my archives online (something that needs to be done), but knowing the laws of web-evolution, I should have the directions. For example, the updates. Like an idiot, I placed pages "NEW" -- and of course in a few months you don't know how new are those news! Why not mark it by year or season at least?
2004 & After



in focus: shows

projects: Bergman

read: books


playsChekhov, Ibsen, Shakespeare



I nave over 3K of webpages. And this is not enough!


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