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Steinbeck: "Time is the only critic without ambition."
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" Thank you, The Academy..." [The Platonic Girls are in Theatre Theory Directory]:

: Objective Idealism
Platonism: Subjective Idealism
Hegel: the last "Objective Idealist"


Neitzsche and some more antisocials (20th century, Foucault & Co.) are missing...

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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. --Mahatma Gandhi "One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time." ~ Carl Sagan

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Film Analysis:

Theory of Film: The Redemption of Physical Reality by Siegfried Kracauer; Oxford University Press, 1960

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Book Page: old and messy, but only the good books
Federico Fellini
Film Links (for Film & Drama, Film Directing and Film-North classes)
"Book Pages" are the late addition and I had no time to rank or write any comments. I just put the links provided by Amazon; sometimes they have reviews, sometimes not -- you can write your own, too.

I tried to organize book-pages in one directory BOOKS, but organization is not my best quality. In 1999 I made a decision to put the commercial links on all my websites (since the servers do it anyway); all the commissions are donated to the Sellassie Foundation, you can read about it on our family pages -- Sellassie Cyber U. and many others. Please report dead links. Thanks.

Camera & Cinematography


very short list

Are They Really So Awful? A Cameraman's Chronicle
Christopher Challis, Hardcover 1995 $25.00

Light on Her Face
Joseph Walker, 1993

Light Years
Tom McDonough 1990

Magic Hour
Jack Cardiff, Martin Scorsese, Hardcover 1996 $18.87 ~
You Save: $8.08 (30%)

Masters of Lens and Light : A Checklist of Major
Cinematographers and Their Feature Films

William Darby, Hardcover 1991 $104.50 (Special Order)

New York to Hollywood : The Photography of Karl Struss
Barbara McCandless, et al / Paperback 1995 $35.00

New York to Hollywood; The Photography of Karl Struss
Barbara McCandless, Richard Koszarski / Hardcover 1995 $60.00

Painting With Light
John Alton / Hardcover 1995 $50.00

Painting With Light
John Alton / Paperback 1995 $18.00 ~ Save: $4.50 (20%)

The work of the motion picture cameraman
Freddie Young

Lists of Recommended Reading are on class pages. You can use each course syllabus as a narrative, they all are hyper-linked. If you see dead links, please report -- thanks.

There are several pages with the video listing I use for my classes -- Film-Gateway Page: National Cinema & Film History (brief and selected).

Sorry, I did not have time to write my comments or mini-reviews for the books listed, I will do it only for the texts I like or hate. Also, you can see my (inconsistent) rating system from (*) to (*****) stars.

Film Theory & Criticism Books and Sellassie BOOKs, a new website where I move all my webpages on books. The commissions go to the Sellassie Cultural Foundation, see our family Sellassie Cyber U and The House of Sellassie.
* For your assignments see and use the student (good) papers page (I'll put more later).

* Spring 2005 : THR331 Fundamentals of Directing -- must take before enrolling into Film Directing!

Working with actors and primary motion issues are covered there! In Film Directing we focus on directing camera only!

There are many books I haven't read and this fact doesn't bother me. There are a few books I read several times and what bothers me that I do not read them all the time.

My students complained about Eisenstein's "heavy" readings, but they complain about the intensity of thought...

Reading good books stopped me from writing bad books. When I was young (seventeen), I wrote that there are no bad writers, only bad readers -- ... Bad writers are bad readers. Bad readers shouldn't write.

Many textbooks are badly written. Stanislavsky is the best proof. Michael Chekhov or Boleslavky explained Stanislavsky System better than the Master did it. Only bad actors write good. Shakespeare, for one.

Read before you write. Read after. Read during. Read.

Film TextBooks [ list ]

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This wonderful site www.interseek.net/comparebooks finds the best offer for the books you want to purchase -- visit and save money.


Summer 2003: Since I write, I better promote my own books, which exist so far as Web-Books (basically, notes). More about my writing projects in Write Directory -- the textbooks, nonfiction, plays. To find my textbooks you go to Classes directory and see the courses I teach (mostly theatre). There are a couple of film-book projects I would like to work on, if I can find the time.

Nonfiction is a different story; it will take me the rest of my life to complete it (if I am lusky). Very complicated project from every angle: I write about myself, but in a very strange manner (as metaphysics). Subject is difficult, and -- the form of the narrative too (the genre -- personal nonfiction, or as they say "creative"?). I would say -- writing as performance! You have to read Virtual Theatre files to understand what I mean.

According to my postmodern (POMO) views, the traditional writing is impossible (not only my opinion) and I am not a writer. Written form is only means to return to oral tradition of literature; I behave as an actor. New technologies do make it possible (almost) to see the process of thought-feeling. Writing is simply a recording (sound, video-like). Of course, this is not a full return to Homer, on the contrary, the new style is not define yet. Diary? No. Something between Epic and Dramatic (to use The Poetics).

.... Why do I write about it here? (Do you see what I mean?)

Maybe I should send you to Bad Theory, Wrong Subjects files (new and not ready), to explain why this POMO writing is so close to film nature (montage). Why it has to be fragmented....


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"This book which I had always conceived as an aesthetics of the photographic media, not less and not more, now that I have penetrated the veil that envelops one's most intimate endeavors, appears to me in its true light: as another attempt of mine to bring out the significance of areas whose claim to be acknowledged in their own right has not yet been recognized. I say "another attempt" because this was what I had tried to do throughout my life--in Die Angestellten, perhaps in Ginster, and certainly in the Offenbach. So at long last all my main efforts, so incoherent on the surface, fall into line--they all have served, and continue to serve, a single purpose: the rehabilitation of objectives and modes of being which still lack a name and hence are overlooked or misjudged. Perhaps this is less true of history than of photography; yet history too marks a bent of the mind and defines a region of reality which despite all that has been written about them are still largely terra incognita."

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