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"I shall be cast into prison for your sake, but my spirit shall go out of jail and fight for Ethiopia" (Where HIM said it, in which speech?)

2007 -- where is it? Where? the communist system?

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23 мая 2005, 10:38

На прошлой неделе сенат США принял резолюцию о строительстве в центре Вашингтона, рядом со зданием Капитолия, мемориала памяти жертв коммунизма во всем мире. Резолюция принята единогласно, сообщает РИА "Новости".

"Коммунизм уничтожил более 100 миллионов человек за менее чем 100 лет", - утверждается в преамбуле документа. В нем также подчеркивается, что "для народа США важно чтить и помнить жертв коммунизма". "Страшная резня и страдания людей от рук международного коммунизма никогда не должны быть забыты. Построенный в нашей национальной столице Мемориал памяти жертв коммунизма почтит память всех, кто погиб из-за коммунистической тирании", - заявил сенатор-демократ Ричард Дурбин, представляя документ на заседании сената.

Согласно резолюции, строительство мемориала должно начаться уже осенью текущего года. ** NB. I hope you understand the "communism" goes beyond national borders -- read PostAmeriKa nonfiction (my twenty plus years in USA). Anatoly

"If the misery of our poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin." --Charles Darwin

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This page was built in 1998. The USSR is gone, communism is not.

Maoists and Marxists rule Ethiopia and Eritrea. They change their dress and vocabulary, they hadn't change their ways.

How many of them in Africa? In Russia, in Europe, in America? They cannot shoot you anymore, today their target is your mind!


- M e m o r i a l -
To you, the past
and future victims
of communist ideas

This is a project which I wish Haile Sellassie Foundation could complete one day.
The momument for the victims of communism which was proposed for Washington D.C. is forgotten. There is a good reason why we don't have it: it's not over! Yes, there were millions of them, but the Idea of Communism didn't collapse, it's stonger than ever. My American Book is about a new life communism has in America. Communism isn't a state, but a state of mind. How do you fight it? How do you struggle with yourself? Do you know when the wonders of Internet become the monstrosity of tatal communization? Where is this line when our desires for "quality" life turn into losing life all together? Perhaps you believe that evil can be destroyed and the Gulag is no more. No, my friend, it's always there, inside you, the evil can be controlled, not eradicated. It lives and it grows. It always of the same size as goodness.

Go to American Identity or Russian Pages to read the fragments. The first part of H.I.M. is about communism too.

This theme belongs to all my sites and I place the links on this page.

Photo Gallery: Misha Gordin

No, my conflict with Communism is not political, it's personal. It's a matter of life and death. My life as a man.

I'm glad that the military threat of communism is (almost) over and I don't have to be on side of those who knew and understood little about the real sources of communism. I am glad that communism lost its "hot" appeal, so I can talk about the communism which never dies and the only remedy against it -- personal constant struggle. Communism is not out there, it's always inside. The horrors of it is just the other side of our need for each other.

This is not a counsel of despair. Our own life has demonstrated that we are incapable of despair. Men will die in defence of principle; men will sacrifice their all rather than compromise themselves and renounce that which distinguishes them from the beasts - their moral faculty. If this force in men can but be awakened and focused on the problems of each day, we shall survive each day to the dawn of each tomorrow, and in this survival guarantee to our children and our children's children a lifetime of peace and security, under justice and right, and under God.
-Haile Selassie

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2002 -- The idea of the World Peace Prize Award Council was initiated in the 1960 s during the presidency of John F. Kennedy of the United States. Up to our time this so called World Peace Prize Award Council awards The Former US president Ronald Regan, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, former Israeli Minister Ishak Rabin, Annette Lu of Taiwan and now to our big Monster the so called Ethiopian Prime Minster Meles Zenawi. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

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