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THR F470
M 2:15 -- 5:15 P RASM Studio
1/13-5/6 2000
Anatoly Antohin

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Film & Video Directing

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This is film class and you can see the Spring 2000 page @ You have to have Fundamentals of Directions or my permission to be enrolled in this course (email your list of classes/experience in film and bring the permission form (pink) for me to sign).

See THR470 Film & Video Directing (Spring'2000) class page: only the basics! (Consider Film Minor -- see Film Studies Page).

This new course didn't have web-support the first time it was offered two years ago; expect new pages (and errors -- please report).

At the end of the class you will have your grade, your film and public screening with the awards from the Film Club!

See Twelfth Night, we will use the text and actors/show for shooting! Select the scene and think about storyboarding it. Subscribe to 12th Night Discussion eGroup! Also, check Dramatic Literature Forum (for THR215 DramLit Class, Shakespeare-focused).

Print all the subject-webpages -- this is your textbook! Use of email, web, internet, computers is required: OnLine and eCLASS!

See Film Glossary before your tests!

Check you THR470 Film Directing Class Page weekly for updates!

If you are in this class, but never been to my classes, make an appointment: 474-7754 (o).

Please subscribe to Directing 2000 Forum (even if you are not in class)!

Consider new "Performance & Multimedia" BFA degree! See your advisor!

Become Film Club member!

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Acting in Film Analysis class *

Film Acting Pages: actors

2004: I do not know when I will have time to write about "acting in movies" -- here is a short list of actors I refer to in Film Analysis class.

Acting is a part of "mise-en-scene" in many textbooks (need definition).

Maybe I will put my comments to the titles and actors later. Anatoly

PS. Watch the movies on your own, we don't do in class.

Film Acting

Nicholson There a short list of titles I show the segments in class, when we get to Acting; here are the samples.

There are other movies with Jack Nocholson could be recommended (use Amazon suggestions).

[ I am not mentioning European film actors here. ]

See Acting I, II, III and Film Directing pages.

[ long list @ ]

French Connection

Taxi Driver




Dog Day Afternoon

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