Advanced Directing/Thesis

2005: The purpose of my online production books was to assist myself, cast and crew during pre-production and rehearsal periods. After the show is over I use webpages for my classes: directing, acting, drama.
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Fundamentals of Dir


Dir II, Notes



THR331 Fundamentals of Directing 2005 * Wedding: class project -- finals *
one act fest
Pygmalion 2005
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There are several Chekhov's one-act comedies I use for class projects in my acting-directing projects (finals): Wedding, On the High Road, Proposal, Bear. [public domain]
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Theatre majors create a “capstone” project in their senior year, combining practical work with written reflection in which students address the problems and solutions of their project. Thesis projects may be tied to a Mainstage production, a student-directed production, or involve non-production research. Students undertake a wide variety of projects, including directing, design, acting, dramaturgy, management, administration and playwriting. A faculty or staff advisor, based on the area of the project, mentors each senior.

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Theatre UAF

Anatoly Antohin
THR 435 Advanced Stage Direction
M, W 10.30--12.00 Lab Theatre
Office Hrs: M-W 1-2 PM
Phone: 474-7754
Home: 455-6149
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This course will be focused on the art (science) of stage direction -- a brief history of its development, functions of the director, and components of the art. Specific areas to be studied are script analysis, composition, working with actors, and organizing a production. The student will direct two scenes and a number of shorter performance assignments dealing with focus, movement, and prop. There are two prompt books (for midterm and final exams), scene analysis, rehearsal schedules, and one written critique of a UAF Spring 99 production viewed in performance. Two tests on Dramatic and Performance theory. THR 331 Fundamentals of Direction is required.

Advanced Directing Master-File
(The above are on CLOSED RESERVE for THR 435.)

The following plays are also required reading:
Tragedy -- HAMLET, Shakespeare
Comedy -- Inspector General, Gogol
Drama -- Three Sisters, Chekhov

Please read all three plays right away as they will be used as examples throughout the course.


Each student will be allowed one absence without penalty. After one, each subsequent non-excused absence will result in lowering the final grade for the course by 5%.


Attendance/participation & discussion 15% Performance projects (scenes):
Midterm and Final exams 25% + 25%
Written assignments 25%
Tests 5% + 5%

ALL ASSIGNMENTS (written or performed) WILL BE SUBMITTED ON TIME OR PENALIZED 5% FOR EACH LATE DAY. LATE WORK FROM DIRECTORS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. All written assignments, unless otherwise noted, are to be typed double-spaced.


-a silent scene
-a focus assignment
-a period assignment
-a movement assignment

Paper Scene: Beckett's "Catastrophe"

First Scene: a short scene from Hamlet, Inspector General or Three Sisters directed with the Acting students for the Midterm.

Second Scene: scene(s) from "Beyond Therapy" by Christopher Durang (pending)


-a scene analysis (graph & domino list)
-1 play critique from a directorial standpoint
-a written response to Brook's THE EMPTY SPACE
-2 promptbooks (one for each scene) including analysis of scene, play, characters, rehearsal schedule, ground-plan, graphs, prop/light/costume plots, rehearsal diaries, etc.


You are required to see the three shows of the Spring season, select one for your directorial analysis. You are required to write one critique which must be submitted before the discussion in class. (See a critique checklist/format in THR 435 Master File).


Week 1: Hyper-Active Spectator

1/18 Directing: Intro, History, Functions. Spectatorship. Theory: Begin Script Analysis (Visit DramLit Directory). Aristotle's "Poetics".

1/20 Idea(s) into Concept. Beckett's "Catastrophe" (Paper Directing)

Week 2: Pre=Production

1/25 Discussion/Script Analysis. Scene Graphs. ABC of Dramatic Composition and Floor Plan Mentality

1/27 Director's Homework: Thoughts and Notes (see Pre-Production. First Scene -- Conceptualization
First Film Directing Saturday: Script Development Workshop Jan. 30, 1pm

Week 3: Drama: Slow Reader

2/1 Text and Subtext: Dramatic and Performance Composition. Focus Scenes Due/Begin Blocking.

2/3 Theory: Stanislavsky and Meyerhold. Method Acting (Realism) and Scenometrics. Fist Film directing workshop: Script

Week 4: Directorial Text

2/8 Movement and Blocking (Mise-en-Scene). Director's Objectives and Obstacles.
Feb. 6 Festival Filming Day 1 pm --

2/10 `Silent Scene'-- visualization and physicalization. See Visual Composition)
Film Festival -- Feb. 12-13!

Week 5: Directing Chronotope

Time and Space. Working with Actors: Acting Areas (Floor Plan Exercises). Dramatic Theory Test.

2/17 "Mikado" Works -- Directing Chorus, organizing space through group composition.

Week 6: Show-Machine

"Mikado" concept discussion: Plot and Style

2/24 FIRST ROUND OF SCENES. First Prompt Book Due


Week 7: Image-Maker

3/1 Afterthoughts: Discuss Scenes. Points for Director (See Check-list). Image, Symbol, Metaphore, Style and Genre. Director's poetic task.

3/3 Brooks' EMPTY SPACE: Responses Due (3 pp.)

Midterm Exam with Advanced Acting Actors: First Scene Performed.

Week 8: Stage Languages

3/8 "Winter Shorts" Discussion. Design/Lighting/Sound concepts. Final Assignments for Final Scenes.

3/10 Basic Semiotics for Directors: Signs and Vision.


Week 9: "My Love -- Rehearsals!"

Rehearsal Techniques; Actors -- medium and tools. (See Cast)

3/24 Acting Space and Acting Bodies. Working with Actors.

Week 10: Creationism & Evolution

Discuss FINAL SCENES concepts: Oral Presentations. Genre v. Style.

3/31 Personal Directorial Signature. Director-Artist

Week 11: Show-Editing

Director's choices and Re-directing. Performance Theory Test.

Must see MIKADO!

4/7 Director's Texts II. Scenes

Week 12: 24 Hours Directing

"Mikado" Discussion. Director's Check-list submit

4/14 Director: Self-Management and Self-Organization. Director is not a profession, but style of living! Class project: scenes

Week 13: Testing

Rehearsals and Demonstrations. Scene development. See Scene Study

4/21 Improvisation for Directors

Week 14: Death of Director

Scenes Run-Through. "Director must die in his actors" (Stanislavsky).

4/28 Prompt Book Due
Apr. 30 (Fr.), May 1 (Sat.) Public Presentation: Lab Theatre

Final Exam: May 4-7

For anyone who wants it, you may report on any book related to theatre directing in a written fashion. Glossary and lists of Recommended reading are in the Master File 435. Watch videos on "Film and Drama" (THR 334 W). Familiarize yourself with the Advanced Acting Class!

Books: Film & Theatre