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wsref [web-self-references] -- how little I knew about references on web! The linking technologies evolution is a subject for a chapter ["webman's notes" I'm not writing anymore]. I do not khow what is "references" anymore!

URLs -- and no annotations?

System? "Subjects" [ I have many bar.txt now. ] "Topics"?

What about appendix in every directory?

Books and biblio pages? Also, in every directory.

Too late.

I have too many other things to reclect on; web is on the top of my list.

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8.12.05. Yahoo disclosed that its index now includes 19.2 billion web documents, 1.6 billion images and more than 50 million audio and video files - over 20 billion items.
Check the date of this page -- 1999! Now -- 2002. Now -- I have the directories about web and pages about webpages. Now -- Virtual Theatre practice made web and internet a central part of this performance theory of the future. Now -- I lost the count of the pages I have. Film-North became more film theory site, which serves the need of this "virtual theatre"....

Here it is :

webhumans * I am a human. (Anti-Spam measure) (required) [NB]

3 Sisters -- this new project has deals with all three mediums at once: theatre, film and web/internet.

Perhaps only now spectator truly became a center of the process. Computer gives him active role, the hyper-text principle in action. not only his imagination, but his participation in editing (arranging) the narative. Montage is present -- the click.

Spectator's function could be see as performance. He acts!

No, not the well know individual perception, but his control over the process is new. ...



Do you see the mad webmaster's imput (above links)? I kept telling him: "Anatoly, relax!" (We have the same name and the same body, as a matter of fact, but totaly different in character and personality). "Don't worry, (I would say) Trust me, I would write and they will come. I promice you..."
"What do you know about IT (Information Technology)? He 'writes'! So what?"
Yes, he was right then and he is right now. I don't know much about IT. But have my creative hints, you know. For example, I know what is stupid, when I see it (not all the time). I see the spammers, who try to get you into the traffic building madness -- go and check their webpages... What? Yes, they have no content! That's right, they try to make MONEY by selling hot air. That was Y2K and after, when the "dot.com" bubble bursted. I myself was a victum of this new century big event -- and I am glad (even I lost so my pages and data). The lesson? Do not recycle the same stupid "desires" (I am for recycling the garbage, making use of those REAL things again)!

* Interesting criteria for web applications (Amazon): utility 50%, scalability 10%, elegance 10%, efficieny 10%, portability 10% and the "coolness" factor -- 10%!

2007 -- Webman's Diary?


2003 work on:

Hierarchical navigation: typically the primary navigation system of a site.

Global navigation: navigation that spans the site.

Local navigation: typically used for subsites. Should complement, not replace, global navigation systems.

Ad Hoc navigation: more editorial than architectural. Generally placed throughout content.

Searching and browsing are often interlinked. And both are by nature iterative - users will make a first attempt, learn something, refine and try again. (p104). This is typically called associative learning. The challenge is to design site architecture to support the most common searching and browsing approaches in a smooth and integrated way.

Does my websites have any resale values? I don't think so. It's MY notes -- and I guess, I stuck with it.

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2004 "Sad Thoughts": after so many years I still didn't arrive there, to "smart pages"... Given, I am not a professional webmaster, but, for God' sake, could I find the right format for my webpages?

* A blog, short for weblog, is often described as an online diary. The most recent entries (called posts) - appear on the homepage of the blog with links to archives of older posts. Archives are organized by date and often categorized by topic. Often, each post will have a form for readers to add their own comments and to give their opinion or reaction to the post's content.

... 7.28.05 -- the numbers [ year - uniques - reloads - total ]:
2003 -- 133,993 86,874 220,867 [ +162.71% ]
2004 -- 330,955 272,509 603,464 [ +173.23% ]
2005 -- 312,901 300,627 613,528 [ n/a ]
Estimate -- 549,105 527,565 1,076,670

* Internet-Story

Cyberculture: The Key Concepts by David Bell, Brian D. Loader, Nicholas Pleace, Douglas Schuler; Routledge, 2004 filmplus.org/web -- webpages about webpages *

1.17.06. How did I get myself into this "numbers game"? The traffic keeps climing. I keep checking it...

What is it? Why? Pause.

... I fear to give my honest answer.

... I do it to avoid real writing?

... Silence.

... Fear of death? My fear and yours... Here is a good reason for web and internet.

... Does it help?

... Only while you're doing it, the webbing.



2008? web picasa



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... "Your website should read convincing both to your target visitors, and the search engines. In fact, you should treat search engines too as your visitors because if you optimize for your visitors, you automatically optimize for the search engines." "Target visitors"? Do I have them?
notes --

July 2003: This page is a part of introduction to Virtual Theatre (VT): about the web aspect of vTheatre. Two other intro-pages are vTheatre and vFilm. No pint of rewriting this old page, my thoughts about the web, when I was learning HTML. By now you can find a lot of applications of the streaming video, but still not much about the aesthetics of web, live performance and use of film techniques.

Historically, the Internet began with the web-publishing, not web-broadcasting (home-"pages"), and to this day we do not have original art works PRODUCED within this new medium. I believe that it will take another twenty years for us to arrive to making web-drama and I think it will be live, not film-like technology. First, we have to learn the aesthetics of the Web and how it uses all the old arts (including film). The main feature of the Web-broadcasting is that the public is different (more readers, since each of us receives it individually). For some theory you could read The Book of Spectator, but the theory of spectatorship is not developed either. [ All my "books" are work-in-progress and have this Internet "under construction" style. ]

Well, in short, the definition of author must be rethought -- web-spectator (reader) has much more power over the text. In fact, he is co-author. "Clicks" are the narrative and composition...

[ to be updated -- 2005... ]

Writing: the difference between writing for a paper or magazine and writing a book comes to mind, when we want to understand the nature of online writing. It's not "real" writing. You can't around this "new" and "news" component on the web. Updated? The years -- on every page? What happened to the web's function of the depository of information? Is the Internet a reaction to the immediate present?


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Cyber Diaries

The Big Narrative and short stories, web-tales...
Call it WebThink.

Web Reflections. I need it, because the Web is not understood yet. Ten years ago this reality wasn't even there.

My questions are simple ones. How do you see the future of this site -- six months from now, year, five, hundred? All depends how THEY will use it. "They" are you, the visitors.

Some links (pages) will die. You can see it, when you scroll the first screen -- no blood. No, not the traffic alone, but the lack of the “web quality” -- the CONTENT. One glance and you know that there is no thought behind it. Most of the pages are supported by somebody, company or individual, they have no life of their own. Frankly, I don’t understand why would somebody put up a page when so many of the same already exit.

Let me say a few words about web-thinking.

The Laws of Big Numbers

Think Big!
Critical Mass
Internet is a new and therefore different medium; it asks for a different mode of perception. First, the law of big numbers. If I would have a bar, 200 visitors/day would be a big number -- not on the Net. They appear and disappear with the SPEED of light. To exist by itself the site has to gain the level of the critical mass.
I said -- speed, that is the second law of web dynamics.
Meta-speed and Web-time
How long do you wait in a bank? Minutes? On the web -- seconds. Why should I wait all together? The rest of the world is just a click away!

Web-thinking is not “normal” thinking. You don’t think, you see and react. I have plenty of text on my websites -- yes, to read, but before you reads, you glance. I have my Theory of Glance (remember “love at first sight”?), but I don’t time for it now. Just remember, there is cyber space and web time and they are different from the old chronotope.

You all know about those “30 second bites” in politics (commercials’ size), but as far as I’m concerned thirty is too many, I would make it fire or even a second. Let me tell you why.

Porno Pentagon
They want my time, money, life -- they better know how to get it. My presence isn’t cheap, those 30 second are the only 30 second I got. If they don’t know how to attract me, too bad. Which means -- everything must be visual. Yes, the graphics, the SHOW business. We have no time to talk. Sound has a slow speed next to the lightening. Hit me! (Hits -- that’s right). Internet still has its original features of the Defense Department and porno industry. You have to be fast, powerful and aggressive. The naked war machine! The lesson I learn from the porn sites is that you know where you are even before you can comprehend. They are straight to the point, like a blow into your face. I call it “porno principle.” I see -- everything. If I don't -- it doesn't exit.
The Game of Desires
Most of the time I don’t know what webmaster wants. Most of they time they themselves do not know. Web mentality requires simplicity. You can get sophisticated later.

Interesting enough the surfers do know what they want. They type it in -- the words. How did you get here? If this is your visit, you typed -- filmmaking or film. so, what did you get? The bunch of sites where this word is mentioned. The computer was called “Big Idiot” by the people who invented it. It’s a MACHINE. My car is a powerful idiot. I drive it, I have to, because it too stupid to do it by itself. The problem with the Internet that the technology is too primitive. Yes, those wonders of computing are the primordial monsters. If I say “airport” a taxi driver wouldn’t drive me to all airports. You see the point.

So, how to use this web sensitivity while anticipating the future?

Internet is the extreme direct democracy. The game of desires. Not even thoughts or ideas, but feelings! It has to be primitive for me to "get" it at once. "At once" is the advantage and the curse of the web. The thinking, the word are too slow, we can do it faster -- to react. "I like, I hate" -- who cares why. Yes or no, the future belongs to choices.

P.S. I write it, because I want to save myself this web-time. To survive on the Internet even after my physical death. You see, at the end of this month it will be my first anniversary on the Web. The web time is fast as angelic reality. I better get used to it.
May 5, 1999

... Five years later. "Business Thought" (now I have biz directories): it's impossible to have "big numbers" and not to run web as a business. "News" business? Does the old media see what is coming? In a few years the Internet will be the king...

... web2.0 -- summer 2007 updates.

... vtheatre.blogspot.com -- Anatoly-Web blog.

... new and news.

There are several articles-chapters for my American and Post-American books, but not much in those drafts on Internet and Web; I wrote POV and TECH before I became a webmaster.
2004 & After

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2009 cine101 LUL

Sept. 2005. I don't know, if the Web can benefit me anymore, or I can contribute more to the Internet. I write less and less. I feel that I write to serve a webmaster. The intent was rather opposite. And I do not know how to change the trend. I feel that I lost the purpose...

Even this very note is useless. Why should somebody read it? It's my problems. Unless you also trying to find the balance between "making pages" and writing. I do not have it, the balance...

Is it possible that the Internet came to kill writing for good? I wrote about the goodness of Web, perhaps, time to give another thought to this phenomena, using my own experience. Maybe, I simply do not know how to use it.

Can I find it? Do I have energy or time to do it?

To write about the "evils" of Web? It will be a hot topic ten years from now...

new? Webmaster's Blog, which I do not use...

@1999=2005 film-north *

11.23.04. I am not learning much as a webmaster. For a while already. I feel that I do not use what I know -- the organization of the texts (and thoughts), the web-narrative, visual v. verbal composition, and etc.

There is no "web-philosophy" and no books on "web-metaphysics"...

Internet and Web are the biggest revolutions since the begining of our human history. How big? Very big.

Oedipus and BM
WEB: computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics and sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol.

* an intricately connected system of things or people.

* an intricate trap that entangles or ensnares its victim.

* Synonyms: entanglement, net, network, vane, world wide web, WWW.

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