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News page isn't working for me. Best advise for you, regular users, subscribe to one of the forums, like Directors' List to stay updated. I gave up on an idea of a newsletter (too much work). The links to my forums will be a part of the right bar (here).

I am doing the webbing for three years and there are pages of the different generations (this one is updated to the third generation). I will teaching for a few more years, using the web, but the direction will be the same -- content oriented. After the retirement the websites will go to some institution or business. In fact, I plan to write special pages for potential business partners and buyers.

Prophesies or predictions (2002): I suspect that the "free" era will be over by the next year. Most of the free sites ask me to pay (I am dropping them and pay only for the ones I can't drop). Second, before I didn't take paid advertisement. I will (before I would consider the paid membership for readers). Third, the final drafts of my textbooks will go to the publishers and won't be accesable on the web.

My projections are based on the experience of the past three years, which I tried to collect under the title "Webman's Diary" (another project I have no time to work on).

One more. Film-North became a part of the Virtual Theatre network and some future changes are obvious. The split between web-publishing and web-broadcasting. I try the webcast with some of my shows, but it is very taxing and I don't think I will be moving into this direction in practical terms. Theory - yes. In ten years the composition of the Internet and Web will be totally different and I am too old to ride the wave of technology.

I write it for you, newcomers, what you could expect and what you should wait for -- and I do not know, when I will have another chance to do it -- a year from now, two? [My old readers, who know what is here and what they want, do not read again Title or other support pages.

PS. I wish I could complete my pages, which were born out of my notes for myself and classes, but this is a dream. Or nightmare. It will never take place, while I am in charge of the pages.

Anatoly 2001, Summer.

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Intro to Film-North

2005: Students: you MUST write, shoot, direct and edit your first film!
In 1984 I had my own small theatre company "Performers Gallery": for $300/month I rented a place on the Low East Side -- 3rd Street between 1st and 2nd Ave. It was a storefront next to the Mike's butcher shop on one side and the Hell Angels of New York Club on another. There was no place for any audience, hardly enough space for a small stage. I watched the rehearsals from the store window, keep hearing the comments from the crowd on the street behind me, behind te glass. I thought that the presence of the public at those "open rehearsals" was good for the actors and should help them to develop the super-consentration ("Public in Private" -- Stanislavsky). The actors were professionals (members of all possible unions and worked with me breaking all the rules of their normal engagements). There were some regulars on the street and sometimes they would apploud and talk to me, when around midnight I was locking up the shop...
This is how I feel about building my webpages -- a storefront. "Private in Public"! Concentration, Anatoly, concentration! Mind your own business, my man. ...
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Film Directing 101
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Theory and applications of theatre and film for webcast.

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Extention of the Theatre directories at vtheatre.net

Where the action takes place...

Spectatorship Theory
Plays Online
3 Sisters, Mikado, my scripts

Film Book & Links Books and Mining directories.

Meyerhold for Actors & Directors

New in Acting.

St. Peterburg & Moscow

Russian American Theatre (RAT)
Mostly the arhives of the 1992-94 project.

For students and about astudents

Acting, Directing, Film (resumes, letters of recommedation and etc.)

Webman's Diary


Textbooks and Nonfiction

My nonfiction and textbooks.

Each sub-directory has its own into page with the overview of the contents. Title page and sometimes preface. Other standart service pages -- appendix, links, list and so on.

The trick with the web that you can enter my pages from many places and I try to organize the pages in such a way that you know where you are and where you can need to go.

Redesigned site and new pages (2001) have white background; the old pages are black and grey. Nevertheless, they are updated as well.

No more sound files!

I plan to make further differentiation between Filmmaking and Theory pages. (More in Notes)

In addition to Directing logo you can see the Classes logo!

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Many new pages @ GeoAlaska, which now has several short URLs (top right). Check the online directing class, it keeps growing.


You will see those subtitles on all my instructional pages. I am working on web-textbooks, when the pages will serve as a support for the online classes.

Questions -- "Study questions" -- but at the moment it's more on how to reorganized the pages.


Traditionally, the notes were the pages for myself (they are in each and every directory), but I am using it now for the instructors as well.

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