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Here's "encyclopedia":
HAILE SELASSIE (1892-1975). When Haile Selassie came to the throne of Ethiopia, he was a progressive ruler and the hope of young moderates hoping to modernize their country. By the end of his reign he had become a virtual dictator, overthrowing the old constitution and taking all power into his own hands.
Source: Haile Sellassie

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Grains and Monuments at Aksum
At the most famous place in what was Haile Sellassie's empire -- Aksum -- archeologists Katherine Bard (Boston U.), Rudolfo Fattovici and team are settling the mystery of the famous 'phallic' monuments and the domestication of /t'eff/, a very important grain in Ethiopia/Eritrea.
The Aksumite stelae are associated with big rock cut tombs which will help define their meaning. Around the time of Christ, Aksum had wheat and barley, Near Eastern cultigens. By 500 AD /t'eff/ (Eragrostis teff) had been added to the grain supply, along with grape seed and lentils (at least). The source of Teff? Ethiopia, somewhere.
Aksum also shows lots of cattle and shoats but no pigs or donkeys. Trade goods from Roman Egypt show up, as well as evidence of contact with Late Meroitic culture (Nubia).

From Mother Tongue
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Anti-Rasta from T-shirt Co.
We do not share Rastafarian beliefs, but their philosophy is widly misunderstood. See Rasta Reading Room. Every new spiritual thought lives through stage of struggle with the religious establishment. When you see Mormon's commercials on TV, do you ask them to defend their faith?

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I never thought that one day, I will have the chance of reading so much material about the only Man, I would have ever wanted to meet.
Thank you for this site, which I just started to explore, it will take me some time to gather all that is on it.
Let me introduce myself: I am Italian, your Grandfather could have been mine - age wise - I live in the USA, I am a war child, and a history buff, and HIM, was my first subject, my Mother talked to me about Him, when I was little.
Unfortunately I was sidetracked by life and I did not read too much about Him, until the Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, interviewed Him, and the interview appeared in her book "Interview with History", eventually an Italian periodical mentioned the burial site of one of His daughters, I believe it was somewhere in Genova. I shall appreciate all that the site has to offer. Thank you again.
Marta Migliaccio Hanley

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