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"This is not a counsel of despair. Our own life has demonstrated that we are incapable of despair. Men will die in defense of principle; men will sacrifice their all rather than compromise themselves and renounce that which distinguishes them from the beasts - their moral faculty.
If this force in men can but be awakened and focused on the problems of each day, we shall survive each day to the dawn of each tomorrow, and in this survival guarantee to our children and our children's children a lifetime of peace and security, under justice and right, and under God." -Haile Selassie

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by Aster Sellassie, Millennium Ed.
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Many Corners of One Country

There are many countries in Ethiopia....

There are many reasons why we keep adding new pages. One of them is that the Haile Sellassie story is not fully told without pictures of the country. Do you know that Ethiopia is about a half the size of Europe -- France and Spain together? With over seventy languages and hundreds of tribes....

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Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Northridge, California
Time: 1998-06-15 05:01:21
Comments: I was searching the net for information on Ethiopian history, when I came across this site. I have become very interested in the history since my visit to Ethiopia and Eritrea in October of 1997. I started in Addis Ababa and worked my way northward. I was overwelmed by the beauty of the Highlands, the people, the ancient churches. I learned a lot about the Kings of Ethiopia, beginning with Menelik I to Haile Salasie. Being African-American I was in a way searching for a lost past. My trip to Ethiopia inspired me to search out that past. I can not describe the pride I felt when standing on the Adwa Battlefield. It was here that an African army under Menelik II had stopped the Italians from overrunning the last free African Nation. Ethiopia became the symbol of hope to the rest of Africa and the children of Africa scattered around the world. I gained a great respect for Haile Salasie when I saw old newsreel footage of him speaking to the League of Nations. A proud and unbowed man who at that time was standing alone, along with Ethiopia against fascism. Haile Salasie was not a perfect ruler, (no one is perfect but God) but I do agree he should finally be given an honorble funeral and final rest. I remember saying that when I was told in Addis Ababa about how many times his remains had been moved around. I hope with you that the present government will do right and restore some measure of dignity, and allow Haile Salasie to finally rest in peace with honor. I am glad to see that members of Haile Salasie's family have survived and are doing well. I very much enjoyed this web site. Thank you, Michael K. Houston


No, this is not a tourist page, although Ethiopia is to be a world attraction of the 21st century. When the world settles down as a real global community, this place once again will become what it was in antiquity -- the wonder land, where they believed God lives.
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Venerable and Holy Fathers,

In listening to the profound spiritual message conveyed by your closing
addresses, and appreciating the happy outcome of your sustained efforts,
Our heart has been touched by profound gladness. It should therefore
be clear to the whole world from the result of your work that Your Holiness
has been guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit to accomplish your
task in love and unity.

The great common tasks accomplished by this Conference in unison
bestow on the true faith and true order of the Oriental Orthodox Church
the admiration of the whole world.

As Solomon says, physical distance cannot be a barrier to love. Likewise,
the distances among your respective countries have been abolished by
the proximity of your hearts. You have thus been able to speak a single
tongue and think with a single mind. We thank Almighty God for enabling
us to witness the realization of Our dream in the successful outcome of
this historic Conference.

We are therefore happy to express to you Our readiness, fortified by the
results of this Conference, to invite you and the Eastern Orthodox Churches,
and also other churches at a later date. We ardently hope that we shall
meet once again in the not too distant future.

As we stated at the inauguration of this Conference, to meet together,
to take council with one another, and to act in mutual co-operation,
has proved a most fruitful method both in the secular and spiritual fields.
Henceforth the way is open for you to follow this fruitful path, and to this
end Our help and assistance will always be forthcoming, since We support
your efforts, and ideas out of an unshakable conviction that it is our
spiritual duty to do so.

We are gratified in particular to note that the work of this Conference has
been concerned purely with religious spiritual matters free from extraneous
political considerations. This is only fine and proper, for the church, as a
symbol of peace, must follow the path of peace in all parts of the world.
In this connection we are glad to note that your evangelistic mission in the
world has received due emphasis, in your deliberations, together with the
recognition of the Christian duty to pray for the rights of man and the peace
of the world. For world peace can only be made abiding by the Grace of God,
through the prayers of the Holy Fathers. The truth of this cardinal fact is
evident to all mankind.

We ardently hope that Almighty God shall bless the implementation of your
important resolutions and decisions, just as He has made possible the
successful convening and conclusion of this historic Conference.
Holy Fathers, we have welcomed the title you have given us, Defender of
the Faith, with great honour. May Almighty God grace your name. May God
welcome you. We have received this title given us by you Holy Fathers, with
religious reverence. May your prayers help Us in Our effort to fulfil the task
entrusted to us.

Jan. 21, 1965


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Education develops the intellect; and the intellect distinguishes man
from other creatures. It is education that enables man to harness nature
and utilize her resources for the well-being and improvement of his life.
The key for the betterment and completeness of modern living is education.
But, "Man cannot live by bread alone." Man, after all, is also composed of
intellect and soul. Therefore, education in general, and higher education
in particular, must aim to provide, beyond the physical, food for the intellect
and soul. That education which ignores man's intrinsic nature, and neglects
his intellect and reasoning power can not be considered true education.


A well organized education should not be one which prepares students for
a good remuneration alone. It should be one that can help and guide them
towards acquiring clear thinking, a fruitful mind, and an elevated spirit.
The educated person that Ethiopia and countries of our level needs is not
one who had stuffed bits of knowledge into his mind. The needed educated
individual is one who uses the ideas he obtained from his lectures, books,
and discussions to the best advantage of his own country and his own
people. It is he who disseminates new ideas in harmony with the economic
and social aspects of his own community so that fruitful results would be
realized. This is the educated person who can show segments of knowledge
he accumulated in his learning, inventiveness in a new situation.
Ethiopia is a country with her own culture and mores. These, our cultures
and customs, more than being the legacy of our historical past, are
characteristics of our Ethiopianness. We do not want our legacies and
traditions to be lost. our wish and desire is that education develop, enrich,
and modify them.

You all know the continuous effort that Ethiopia is exerting for the
development of a profound and high standard education. We need educated
and trained persons for research, for the study and development of our
country's resources, for technology, for medicine, for the law, and the
administration for our people according to their custom. These are the needs
that constrain us to provide, at all levels, education free of charge. And
students, ever mindful of this privilege, should endeavour to recompense
their country and nation.

The opportunity for education, afforded to the for. in our country, is not given
to them for a fashion or a mode. It is given for a purpose, for a task, for a
high reponsibility for full and exhaustive use, for the benefit of our country,
and the coming generation. We have just explained to you the type of result,
and responsibility that we expect from you students. It is on you, the members
of the faculty that we must rely for this result. We realize the heavy
responsibility we have entrusted to you. We hope that you too, while
believing and accepting your responsibilities as your sacred duties, will,
produce for Ethiopia persons who take pride in you and their education and
are ready for the call of service.

It is you who must mold the minds of your students that they may be wise,
farsighted, intelligent, profound in their thinking, devoted to their country and
government and fruitful in their work. It is you who must sense as the example.
On their part also, they will have to learn not only formal education but also
self discipline that should be worthy to be inherited. May the Almighty God be
with you in the fulfillment of your duties.

Sep. 23, 1963.

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