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Ethiopian & Rastafari
by Aster Sellassie, Millennium Ed.
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Politics of the Present


The Mad War

(25 Years Later)

Regardless of international political maneuvers or on the ground military confrontation, the Eritrean Problem will be with us tomorrow. And it's an Eritrean, not an Ethiopian problem. Ethiopia lived without Eritrea as an independent nation -- Eritrea never was independent. The recent few years of experiment in political independence ended up on the day when Ethiopia forced Eritrea into real economic independence, declaring the hard currency exchange, after Eritrea issued its own money. Nothing unusual in the fact that independent countries trade in hard currency. Independence is not a flag (each American State has its own flag); freedom is paid for with ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE, the ability to support oneself. (That was the real source of success of the American Revolution). Eritrea never was an independent economic entity. Not even throughout the last seven years of statehood. In fact, the recent crisis is an indication how much independence Eritrea actually has. Eritrea's cultural and historical features are no more unique than other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Every state in the US or Switzerland has its own unique qualities. The Eritrean Problem is in not-experiencing-independence, ever. They don't know what it means. In 1952 they didn't understand the idea of federation, when the national laws had supremacy over local legislature. In 1991 they struggled with the fantom of total independence. The North and South in America went through years of civil war over this principle of federation. There is no absolute freedom and no perfect political system on this earth. "Federation" is a preference! The State of Vermont left the Union and came back because it was beneficial for the people in Vermont to be a part of the United States of America than to be its own state-nation.

The present situation could be left as is and time will show how independent Eritrea is. History demonstrates that divided Germany or Korea could stay apart for a long time.... if supported by the third party. Who and why will pay for and secure Eritrea economically? Eritrea is too small to follow the steps of the Big Brother (Ethiopia) in economic procrastination. Ethiopia is big enough to be a market by itself, it can afford to lose time in false reforms without losing its identity.

Perhaps, there's a lesson for all to learn from this conflict. Freedom is good only when it's freedom to do something, to do better. Will Eritrea be better off without Ethiopia? And who is out there to replace it?

The recent confrontation is a continuation of 30 plus years of fantasies and demagoguery. The real Eritrean problem is that they don't know what to do with their independence. Unfortunately, Africa is run by ideologues, not statesmen. The real leader is concerned with the welfare of the state and its people, not words and feelings.

No, I was wrong; itís our, Ethiopian problem, because Eritrea has no future without Ethiopia. The problem will resurface again, they have no other place to go.

Do you want to see for yourself what the real problem is? Why don't you read what they have to say? Go to the Eritrean sources on Civil War

If you want to hear the latest news from Germany in Amharic Turn on Radio

Click here ETHIOPIA MAPS and click again on the map to enlarge it. Use Excite! site for information, if you plan to travel to Ethiopia.

It was unavoidable. As we promised, Haile Sellassie Family Web opens this page for politics only. Ethiopia is in the news again, and again it's the war front news.
There must be further intellectual investment into matters of the present in order to bring the country on the road to real development.

[ 2003: I am not updating HIM pages -- I even do not work on the book anymore. No time for anything. Go to my film and theatre webpages to see why. I need another (Ethiopian) life to continue our African saga. I do not have time for our family Russian story. Never mind, the politics. What politics? ]


Everything about the present Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict and more

Libertarians Web

Go to the links page!

Personal Politics of Anatoly

Ethiopians in Ethiopia should do the politics!

Do I believe that Rthiopia will re-enter the big history again? Never.

This is why I wish that Ethiopians get political to be over with the politics. In the post-political world, which not even my grandchildren could witness, in the universal world of the future, Ethiopia will be the place to see. Not that many spots on earth are so beautiful... Sorry, Ohio or Florida. I was blessed to see it. I was blessed to live in Alaska and witness the magnifisant world given to me as gift. Ethiopia is a gift to us. But she is silent. She is waiting. Another century? Or two? I don't know...

I know that I have to write about the nights in Addis Ababa, if I really want you to understand why Ethiopia has to go through politics in order to get beyond politics -- and recognize its beauty. I know that failed as many before after me. I know.


Mr. President, Mrs. Johnson, distinguished guests:
First of all, Mr. President, I wish to state my satisfaction of the fact you have recovered
as spiritedly from your recent difficulty with your health. It is nice to see you in the state
that I find you today.

Each generation thinks that the situation it faces is the most serious one, the most
difficult among those which were faced by generations of the past. However this may
be true today, I believe, when we say the task of this generation is burdensome, we
mean it.

Because of the progress mankind has achieved and because of the difficulties that are
at times part and parcel of progress and prosperity, we find ourselves at a crossroad
where we might malso the world safe for our future generations or we might all perish

The friendship between the United States and Ethiopia is one of long standing. Our
association in the past many decades, I hope, has been fruitful for both our peoples.
Because the United States and Ethiopia believe in the same fundamental and essential
goals, it is necessary that we should put our efforts together so that we may make
maximum contnbution for the safety, happiness and prosperity of the generations to

In our discussions, Mr. President, I hope we will have the occasion of considering certain
questions of mutual concern, of exchanging views in a frank and open manner, and arriving,
I am confident, at a consensus of understanding.

I believe that these are not confined to our times and that leaders must from time to time
come together, face each other, and discus problems they share in common. It is not
enough that we deal through diplomatic channels.

Mr. President I know of the hard work that you have in your country. I know of the immense
responsibility you carry for the safety of mankind, for the maintenance of peace. I know
also of your splendid effort in maintaining national peace and security. I am glad, under
the circumstances, that you are able to consider my coming to the United States for the
purpose of dealing with matters of mutual interest.

Ethiopia and Ethiopians are labouring today not only for the peace and prosperity of our
people, but also, realizing the fundamental common interest which we share with other
African people, we have dedicated Ourselves to building a united and a more prosperous
Africa. We found that the interest that affects Africa affects also Ethiopia and vice versa,
because our destiny with the African Continent is a common one.

We have to put up a common effort to see that the Continent's interests are protected. As it
is well known, the Organization of African Unity was established in Addis Ababa. I believe
this organization has made a good beginning in the interest of all of the African people.
I hope, Mr. President, during our private conversations I will have an opportunity of
exchanging views with you about matters of mutual concern, as well as matters that relate
to the Organization of African Unity.

Let me say, again, that I am glad to be in the United States today and I pray that our
discussions will bear fruit.
Thank you.

Feb. 13, 1967.
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