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Updates Summer Y2K:
Both children are taking college classes; Sasha -- full-time. Both are working. Alexey is doing the show with University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum (acting), Alexandra -- Administrative Assistant at McDonald's main office.

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Our Daily Life in Alaska
1998: Finally, our daily life in Fairbanks -- the Family Page. What we do and how we do it.

We get up at 6.30 on school days, kids classes start at 8 a.m.

Our summer is busy, too. Farmers Market is open, you can visit it on my ALASKAN PAGE.

Anatoly is teaching three classes, film and acting.

Sasha took two college courses -- math and history. She will be 14 in August and we proud of her.

Ayosha goes to the Summer Arts Camp to major in English. They both are working with me at the market. Go to page "New Generation" to read his poetry (published in a magazine!)

Our plants, our cat, fish (a lot of new babies) and our house (pictures are coming)

BOOKS we read: see our Amazon Page!

Alyosa is assigned to provide the list. (Never mind!)

TV programs we watch

News, during the dinner. And SNL on weekends. Movies from the Blockbusters.

Mostly the shows we are involved. Go for our father's Theatre with Anatoly website!


Sasha is playing her violin with the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
MUSIC we like
You can hear it on our pages! We'll record our singing in all three languages, as soon as we know how to put it on the web (big files).
Sasha, Esther, Alex-Tafari [ missing ]. Photo by Cal White for the Black History Month, 1997, Fairbanks, Alaska. (he also photographed all the paintings).

4X4 -- a fourwheel car you need to be okay in Faibanks, when all four wheels are working together. The four of us driving our life and sometimes driving each other crazy, but I will let all speak for themselves...

Do you want to see how Alaska looks in the summer?

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Russsian Cook
New: Russian Fast Food!
From Esther Sellassie Antohin (right):
Ethiopian (Royal Family Dinners)
Russian (husband & 1992-1993 RAC)
American: McDonald's manager
Summer 2003, Fairbanks Alaska, USA
Quotes & Thoughts:
Sellassie Cyber Museum -- Bale

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