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... from some (my) posts: -- I saw it, signed, but I believe it should be "Stop Kremlin, for the sake of Russia" -- and not because of Georgia only. American society (not USA government, which has to deal with Putin) doesn't know anything about -- no "dissidents" anymore, no known writers to speak, no voices abroad against, nothing.
I think that so-called "West" (it's "multiple" term, of course) after 2007 "Russian elections" closed the book on Russia. Even before this war with Georgia Am. politicians and even inllectuals gave up on Russia.
After all, its for the Russians accept or not Kremlin.
Americans have a long history of dealing with fascist states, Russia is just the latest new comer. It took South Korea 40 years to get to democracy (with presence of Am. army on the side). After Iraq the public here would think twice before getting involved. "It's your problem" phrase was made in America.
I myself in for "isolation" of America (libertarian), because we have too many problems here -- and it's "My Problems" (which everyone should take care first).
NTL, after my retirement next year I plan to spend some energy on developing website, which I originally bought for my nonfiction projects in Russian.
Not "New Russians" but the New Russian, for and about this real new Russia, which could appeare after the next wave of self-desctruction of the empire.
Thanks for links. A.

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