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2008 : club for 2009

TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + death + self + imdb + history + scripts +
2006 Film w/Anatoly I & II: Directing + Theory & playwright space: *

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There are pages to support the content pages; Service, Research, Teaching, for example. Or Notes, my notes on FN and plans for development. They should give some ideas what I had in mind organizing the Film-North pages.

As you can see, I place a lot of htmlgears on my pages in hope to make your navigation easier. Use them, if you want to exchange the links! Also, keep checking the new & news page!

If you want to stay inform, subscribe to one of the Open Forums I have (no mailing lists or newsletters).

I can't list everything in one place (I tried) and you have to navigate through the maze of my pages and directories. Since I am using them myself, I hope there are not that many errors and dead links. If you see them, please, email. Anatoly 2002

directing-acting: Virtual Directing and Acting vTheatre

8 ways to navigate & 5 ways to interact:

1. index pages -- top left
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My guestbooks: now I try to keep them separate -- film, theatre, writing and etc. See "GuestBooks" htmlgear on many pages and select the right one. Thanks.


The best way is to get to my calendar and see what I teach or direct -- subscribe to the egroup and be a part of the virtual cast and crew or class.
Film Study Group THR334 Fall 2007 class

textbook : Film Art

Film with Anatoly

theatre pages?


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Teaching, Writing, Film -- directing + theory, Webbing, 2006

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index * METHOD acting for directors * 200X Aesthetics * Film Dir * Theatre Books * Film Books * Theatre w/Anatoly * SHOWs * Script Analysis * Acting * Directing * Russian-American Theatre (RAT) * Film Links * Film Analysis * Biomechanics * Classes * VIRTUAL THEATRE * Mining Film: books & links * Book of Spectator * My Nonfiction (webtexts): Theology of Technology * POV * PostAmeriKa * Father-Russia * Bookmark vTheatre! Amazon * Mailing List & News -- subscribe yourself theorytheatre theory and Anatoly Blogs - Newsblog: anatoly-film
class related


Tolstoy -- WRITE directory 2009 and After:

"Forums" will have another live form in Addis Ababa -- Theatre Lul Academe!

Will my virtual forums have another life in Ethiopia [classes & shows]?

I hope so. Anatoly.ET Summer'09 -- subscribe to Lul-newsletter!


From the past :

The old page is @ Theatre w/Anatoly.

I have them for a while -- for my classes and the shows I direct.

This is 24/7 electronic addition to my live classes and rehearsals. Helps, even if I do not use them; the students do.

It's not about communication only; I do not have to worry about the archives. Some of them are out there since 1999 ( were bought by Yahoo). You are welcome to subscribe and the follow the process.

When I teach a classes, some lists in use become very active -- the others stay idle, until the time for them comes (2004: WWWilde -- Acting One, Acting Two, in the Fall I'll use it for The Taming of the Shrew main stage production. And so on.)

Go there and see for yourself.

Mailing List (I use it a few times a year for updates).

Anatoly webmaster

Webmasters of the World, Unite!

List of the main directories:


Stage Directing
Shows as Showcases
Drama Analysis
Virtual Theatre

Almost every directory has its own eGroup, Open Class or Forum -- for my live students, or you, if you wish to follow the class. Sunscribe to my mailing list @ and get the updates.
Tarkovsky [shot] -- film study + directing [new] groups @


FAQ pages must be updated, but I am busy with making new pages!
2004 & After

projects: Demons: Dostoevsky, Camus & Me -- War of Terror

texts: HIM web-biography

in focus: filmmaking 101


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* independent

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Chaplin - Act-books
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