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2nd Fairbanks Film Festival 1999

Russian America & American Russia

Film Directing Yes, the same place and again on Valentine's Day!

UAF Film club, Film Studies and Theatre Department present
the Second Annual UAF Film Festival “White Night, Dark Days” -- Perestroika and After, New Russian Cinema.
The directing workshop starts on Feb. 6 (limited enrollment) and ends on Feb. 13 with the Awards ceremony.

Through the Fall and Winter the Film Club will be showing the New Russian Films: Petestroika and After. For the listing and times see the FClub Page. As usual, in the Big Theatre and Big Screen, starting at 7 pm. There are some in the Library, which we saw already, and if you interested in joining the discussion, see the list and see the films.

Instead of Fest Press Release:

The Directing Workshop this time will begin three weeks before the Festival! Feb. 6 From 1 pm -- The Shooting Day (you will the whole week to edit or/and to do/redo the (missing) shots). The Storyboarding starts at 10 am.


The year is 2153, and Earth's population has expanded beyond it's ability to support the volume of human life. After colonizing the planet "Orius" in a nearby solar system with three suns, the new colony is unexpectedly attacked by an alien ship which removes all of the water off of the planet… and now the alien ship is on its way to Earth. The "United Nations Earth Military" has one plan: to send its three best pilots through an asteroid belt and stop the aliens before they reach out planet.
This is the premise behind "Water Stealers", a 22 minute original video by UAF Theatre Department faculty member Kade Mendelowitz. This movie, along with others by UAF students, will be part of the 1999 Annual Fairbanks Film Festival (open to the public) in the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre February 12 and 13th.


Film Festival 1999: Russian American & American Russian

UAF Film club, Film Studies and the Theatre Department present the Second Annual UAF Film Festival entitled “White Night, Dark Days”. The directing workshop starts on February 6 (limited enrollment) and ends on February 13 with the Awards ceremony & movie showings. A film workshop focusing on shooting takes place Saturday, February 6, 9am - 5pm. Including working with cameras, lighting and actors, attendees will be divided into small groups to shoot scripts that have already been developed. This main session will be followed up with individual workshops for UAF students in how to use various types of editing equipment, as they put together their own film. Friday, February 12: "Film Making For Dummies" 4pm - 8pm in the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre. Open to the public, learn the basics of making movies form scripting and storyboarding to limited camera work and shooting. Great for High School Students as well, this should be an exciting session.
After the workshop, stay for the movies! On a large screen in the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre with a dynamic sound system, Spy Night (Cold War era) features: "Dead Season" at 9pm, "For Your Eyes Only" (James Bond) at 11pm.
Saturday, February 13 brings Comedy Afternoon with "Window to Paris" at 2pm, followed by "Moscow on the Hudson" at 4:30pm. After a break, beginning at 7:30pm with the showing of "Water Stealers", join everyone for an awards ceremony featuring clips from the student films as awards are given for "Best Directing", "Acting", "Editing" and more. After the ceremony, enter Romance Night in honor of Valentine's Day with "Doctor Zhivago" at 9pm, and "1 2 3" at 11pm.
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Call 474-7751 for more information! For more information about the UAF Film Club, check out their web site at https://members.tripod.com/~afronord/club.html

The 2nd Annual Film Festival Coordinator is Anatoly Antohin, 474-7754
Faculty member Kade Mendelowitz: 474-7638
General information: 474-7751

"FilmMaking for Dummies": walk-in for would be directors, writers and actors. You don't have to know anything about film, but you have to like movies!

Feb. 14, 1999

Water Stealers - Directed by Kade Mendelowitz
Generations - Camera by Elaine McFarland
In the Life of Death - Directed by Sean Bledsoe
Water of Life - Directed by Raphaela Stimmelmayr
Magazine Boy - Directed by Tracy Campbell

The Winners:

Best Special Effects - Water Stealers, Kade Mendelowitz
Best Lighting - Water Stealers, Kade Mendelowitz
Best Sound - Water Stealers, Kade Mendelowitz
Best Camera Motion - Generations, Elaine McFarland
Best Editing - Water Stealers, Kade Mendelowitz
Best Actress - Kate Koehler-Platten, Magazine Boy
Princess Peter-Raboff, Water of Life
Best Actor - Mike Karoly, In the Life of Death
Best Directing - Sean Bledsoe, In the Life of Death
Best Screenplay - Tracy Campbell, Magazine Boy

FILM CLUB FIRST METTING & SCREENING: Sept. 15, 7 pm In The Woods bookstore/coffee-shop, corner of College and University, across from the gas station. "The Last Temptation of Christ" by Martin Scorcese. Call Kyle for details: 479-8390

White Night, Dark Days

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