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2007 : trying to restore this WRITE directory.


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Write * РУССКИЕ СТРАНИЦЫ (Drama) * Не-Художественная Литература *
The pages (some) go bilingual: English + Russian

New: double pages -- I have to save theGlobe texts, when this Co. went belly-up...

Intro pages in Russian: WRITE directory is in English, only some notes по-русски!

Для русских читателей - учебники (режиссура -- фильм и сцена, теория драмы и актерское мастерство) все для моих классов (в основном втoрой, третий и четвертый курсы). Пьесы и спектакли (пока все по-английски). Также рукописи книг...

Все написано "на ходу" и сразу на электронные страницы (отсюда и стиль "записок"); редактирую таким же образом -- если вы заметили ошибки, пошлите записку со страницами URLs. Сколько страниц я смогу сделать по-русски, не знаю. Скорее всего некоторые вспомогательные тексты (и то если буду преподавать). Писать -- другое дело, поэтому и пользуюсь русским в директории "Пиши"...

"Russian Pages" (in Russian) -- my Russian writing only.

To be honest, I do not know the main genre of the web-writing. Is it a diary or sorts? A thought process? Personal archives?
But it's okay not to know. Many things I had to leave unfinished or simply closed for me. There are things I want and I need to know...
Web gives you a false sence of power. You see thousands of people from all around the world, who read you pages -- and you get a sense of self-importance. Something you can see in the eyes of celebraties, something very dangerous for a writer. No, I am not talking about being humble; I wrote that each life must be celebrated and the Internet of this Society of Spectacle -- I speak about the difficulties to stay focused, when you are center-stage. You're required to have enourmous discipline to remain "private in public" (Method Acting).


2008 film-north vs. vtheatre.net/2008

WRITE, Antoly -- help yourself

"writing is my fight for some (any) dignity.
"Divide and rule" -- so, now there are two WRITE and even PLAYS directories! So, here is the first lessons of a webmaster: the structure must be in place. Well, you need some experience to learn. Read "Webman's Diary"...

June 2002: I opened my nonfiction directories -- and, the numbers are as big as on my instructional pages! I stored the texts without any hope that anybody would read them. I kept working on "text-only" versions of the books, but, as usual, when you have people reading, you better fix the pages. In short, I have to do something with those writing pages...

Check the poll "POD Books" (publishing on demand), vote -- and I'll consider this new for me venue. Anatoly, Summer 2002


On Film-North you can find textbooks and web-verision of my nonfiction. The text-only writing I move to GeoAlaska; in WRITE directory you can find the gateway pages to different manuscripts.

Of course, Film-North has its PLAYS directory; some of the pays are mine.

The gateway pages in the present directory are to serve as intro, or if you will, "press packages" for different writing projects.

There were PLAYS and WRITE directory at Ant Theatre, I am not using much, because of the saturation by commercial advertising of the netcolony server.

My instructional writing is under the subject categories: acting, directing, film, script.

NEW: * По-русски -- htttp://write.vtheatre.net/r/intro.html

I made the HTMLgear "in Russian" and the new links to my Russian Pages will be updated in there. This "Write" directory will stay with English. March 2002.