2008: I am to use the Communist Party tactics, I am to plan my future
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-- You shouldn't be angry. You understand logic of history (Theology of Technology. And yet...

errata = Pl. of erratum

1. an error in writing or printing.
2. a statement of an error and its correction inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication; corrigendum.

ERRATA -- best title for everything I wrote.

I made myself a style out of it. Almost.

... May 3. I do not write. Not even in the numerous blogs I got. I do not do the editing. I am a webmaster. And a lousy one. I do not know if web is all what I can do now. [ filmplus.org/adiary ]

Anatoly XXI

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Next Year: which project? How about changing everything?

2007 : last web updates?

21 Century Reader
2008 film-north vs. vtheatre.net/2008
Scrapbook style of writing ... crap.

... why struggle?

write.vtheatre.net/2008 -- WW YEAR [ web-write ]

... in russian. [ plays.vtheatre.net ]

diary.vtheatre.net/2008 & filmplus.org/adiary/2008

First Year of the New (Ethiopian) Millennium

... from russia.vtheatre.net/2008 :

This page ("year" pages) is extension of NEW, which I have to make to update FAQ pages. you understand, don't you?

Is this your "system"?

Never mind, see rdiary [DIARY.RU] -- looks like another book-project.

I have the same (problem) everywhere : FAQ > NEW > year [2007, 2008...]

I have NOTES [page] for explanations.

What about "0" or "1" pages?

I cannot add more texts to title and/or into.

[ I have to cross-post this comment before I forget where I wrote it. ]

... (Web)Book "2008" ?


2008 -- Write!

... Write, when you do not want to read...

Is it possible to schedule all my writing projects year by year?

"The intellectuals, lackeys of capital, think they're the brains of the nation," said Vladimir Lenin. "They're not the brains, they're the shit"...

Well, well...


If around --




... Anatoly XXI blog : writer's notebook -- not working.

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