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What a year! This Y2K was a killer. I lost it all. The only hope left is the writing.

It took me over two years to get my websites that big. The writing wasn't on the top of the list. In fact, when I look back, I am suprised that besides accasional playwriting and one attempt at a novel, I didn't write much. Oh, yes, there was my Russian book in New York, which went nowhere (I brought it with me from Moscow).

I kept my diaries, my notes -- and this is where the books began in 1995.

I thought that I can finish them one by one.... by now.

So, how long will it take for me to finish them?

I don't know. Sometimes I feel that I am close (Self), but then the rewrites stop and somehow I see that I am working on POV. I do not know how and why -- all I do is keep writing.

All of them are big books and reworking each chapter is a process in itself, but the real editing in dealing with the stories.

I stayed away from the plot for so long, that only now I see "through" my texts (notes), if there is a narrative behind? I have to look at each chapter to see the short-story in it. I am looking for events, as if I am writing a play or a script. I even thought to name them (chapters) "scenes"!

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If the writing can get me together... nothing will.

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"Webman's Diary" is the middle, between the textbook for webmasters and confessional prose.

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I do know which of the seven projects to go first. Most likely, PostAmeriKa and Self, because of my state of mind at the moment (divorce).

Write, Anatoly, Write!

I teach -- and so have many sites, directories, subdirectories and pages, it's only natural that I got writing directories now, I have to help myself.

I see my own note on the desk: "If God is love, it must be a love story!" It's about the Book of Self. What is life is not the LOVE STORY between the world and me? You don't see it? You didn't live yet.

How to tell it?

Don't I know how to "read" my own experience? What didn't I see yet to understand my life?

I was a child, I am a child, I was a brother, son, father, husband -- it's all about love. What else is behind those words?

Why was it so difficult to understand that all six books are about love?

Different stories, one subject.

Three first books are about my three lives -- Ethiopian, Russian and American.

The next three are together: Self -- the transformation of Father into Son and the Holy ghost, a woman. The POV -- my love story with a woman-doctor, who was a Lucifer, helping me to see and write what I saw. The last -- Tech -- I as a woman, writing about this man "Anatoly."



This directory is a part of my online portfolio I am not working on.

I'll continue 2002 on this page... I'm going back to Moscow. "America" meant death for Doestoevsky; going back to Russia -- for me. Для русских читателей; по-русски страниц почти нет, это я только недавно решил опять писать на своем первом языке. Пишу пьесу. Может это поможет -- "спасение утопающих"...

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