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"You can not to write, don't write," Tolstoy's advice.

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Web is my office, workplace, a station. I tried to arrange it in such a way that I can find my notes in right places.

WRITE directory @ Theatre w/Anatoly
Also, Theatre w/Anatoly

It will take me some time to get used to this directory. Especially, because it's for my own use.

I made a page for each my writing project, hoping that I won't clatter the actual books with my reflections on writing them. There is plenty of it already in them.

Originally, I thought that I will have the PR pages to present the book -- summary and etc. Look like I am not ready for it. I change them too much.

The only writing website I have, and no time to work on it. ... textbooks? too late.

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... I never wanted to be a writer. God granted my wishes.

To say I am a writer is the same as to say "I am a human"?

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