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Film-North: filmplus.org "If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write." - Stephen King

"Never judge a book by its movie." --J. W. Eagan
Yes, I put the updates here, on the right, at the top. I have two "write" directories now: at Film-North and Virtual Theatre (broken down into several categories). Of course, those pages are mostly for myself....
Yes, there are some "write" pages in my instructional (classes) directories; I believe that any artist must not read, but write -- director, actor, filmmaker. Since we do not know each other, you search the pages yourself, my friend. And, please, write!

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"Playwrights remain the divine irritant who puncture the complacency the other media spend so much of their time propping up." -- Nicholas Dromgoole, The Playwright As Rebel
Theology of Technology
Mindstar has released a free script writing software package. The Cinergy Script Editor is available as a standalone program, or built-in to the larger Cinergy Motion Picture Production System. The script editor creates industry standard formatting for motion picture scripts. Scripts created with the Cinergy Script Editor are immediately compatible with the production management features of Cinergy Version 5. The free download at cinergy


I write every day, but I do not make living by writing -- I teach. No, I am not a professional writer anymore (I was in Russia) -- and I am not sure I want to be. I write because I need it and I write the way I want. The web gave a chance not to worry too much -- I believe that I if the writing if good, the pages will find their way to readers. Especially, now -- thanks to the Internet.
WRITE : nonfiction


"One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time." ~ Carl Sagan
Teaching, Writing, Film -- directing + theory, Webbing, 2006

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Write: Intro

Students MUST write, shoot, direct and edit their first films.

http://groups.google.com/group/playwright/web/2009 [ work place after 2008 ]


Summer 2003:

I have two "write" directories: one is here at Film-North, another -- at write.vtheatre.net (virtual theatre). I know that my "instructional" (classes) pages are read (notes I keep while teachng), but I was surprised that the nonfiction writing projects (in progress, or "under constructution," as they say) are also visited. Writing is a "full time job" in principle, you have to write everywhere and all the time, if you want to write good. Writing is a state of mind, a special organization of a soul. That's why they used to say: you are a writer or you are not. Being paid has very little with true writing. "Professional writer" is the one, who KNOWS how to write, but a real writer must go beyond it -- the challenge is to be the zone, where nor you, neither anybody else knows HOW to express those new feelings and thoughts.

Look, this is an intro page and I want you to know, should you bother to read other pages. Ad if you want to -- I tried to arrange some navigation through my writing pages. There are many. Nevertheless, my numerous interests have some (self-imposed) limitations: nonfiction, plays, textbooks. The last category is better to enter through the subject directories: acting, film, drama and so on. The plays (written, in progress, idea-projects) are not organized too well. The ("creative" or "personal") nonfiction is in several main books: HIM, Father-Russia, Post-AmeriKa, Self, POV and Tech (Theology of Technology). I am working on all of the at the same time since 1995, when I began my notes (for myself and mostly about myself).

So, consider this page as Into or Preface, a word from the writer of webpages -- Anatoly.

Dostoevsky -- SCRIPT ANALYSIS directory

I leave the old texts for records. I gave up on publishers; I hardly have time to write new texts. You might see some old pages, made before I understood that I can have as many readers as I need by simply writing online. May 10, 2002: I checked the service pages for Tripod and Yahoo, I pay now -- both sites have around 20MG of data and have over 2K hits each a day. Do I really need "market"?

The traffic doubles (every few months) -- and I suspect I have to pay more. My priority must be texts. Period.

Inter and Web changed the world, this publishing issues are only a small part of the big effect. I still have hard time understanding the numbers, because here comes in the theory of big numbers. That is what "open structure" is supposed to be! A year ago, when dot.coms were dying like flies, I struggled to survived -- I lost a lot of pages, but those who survived are back. It's all about the consistancy and sticking to your own business. But is a topic, which belongs to WEB directory.

Anatoly-webmaster is the best friend of me-writer.


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 01:20:29 -0500 (EST)
From: yaya 
Subject: New Philosophy Series: Invitation for Proposals (fwd)

>A new philosophy series is being edited by me for Macmillan?St.
>Martin's Press entitled Renewing Philosophy.
>It is intended as its name suggests to be a forum for new and
>imaginative work which engages with the history of philosophy in
>order to face the contemporary challenges of the subject.
>Philosophical reflection on the place of the human with regard to the
>changed position of machines and the generalization of prosthetics
>will be particularly encouraged. The series will also aim to include
>new work in the areas of aesthetics, philosophy of biology,
>eschatology, historicity and meta-philosophy.
>Proposals should for a length of 80-90,000 words.
>Please send all proposals directly to me and not to Macmillan/ St.
>Martin's Press.
>My email: gb2@bolton.ac.uk
>Dr. Gary Banham
>Flat 2
>142 Platt Lane
>Manchester M14 5WH
This was an orphan-page; I stored some information for myself, for the future use, but never used it. At the moment it looked important... and maybe you can use it.

This page was supposed to be for the writing links on my other websites (Film-North -- for textbooks and webBooks, another @ vtheatre.net -- nonfiction). I do not collect links anymore. ust a few...

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