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Film Directing 101
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THR470 Film Directing

Fundamentals of Directing Class

Virtual Film


Directors, most of what you need to know about working with the text and actors is @ Theatre w/Anatoly, Film-North pages are about camera and screen. Shot, cut, montage, editing, storyboarding, etc.

Unfortunately, very little about script-writing. Somehow I didn't get to it. Although, if you understand both sides of filmmaking -- script/actor & camera/screen -- you can have an idea how to bring the two together, this is scripting.

Almost nothing about the PRODUCTION process itself; I hope that any textbook can easy compensate it -- the organizational aspect, which is even more important in film than in theatre.

Team-work. You can shoot film alone and better if you start the whole thing with your own team, your partners. If you do not have them, something is not in place with your script and concept. They have to be contagious and attract people. The team is the group of the first inpationed spectators.

Virtual Theatre

Film600: Wrong Subjects + Bad Theories

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THR121 Fundamentals of Acting Textbook Spring 2003:
Acting in Person and in Style
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THR221 Intermediate Acting (BM) Textbook Spring 2003:
Actors on Acting
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Spring 2003: THR331 Fundamentals of Stage Directing Textbook:
The Director's Eye
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THR334 Film & Movies Textbook Spring 2003:
How to Read a Film
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Workshop is not only for you to learn; for me too. "Workshop" is the act, when we study together.
goto : tarkovsky.wetpaint.com wiki


workshop proposal
[ online analysis workshops? ]

reading mini-list


bring your own cameras

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Film Directing for the Dummies Workshop

Students: you MUST write, shoot, direct and edit your first film!

Second UAF Film Festival

Fri. Feb. 12, 1999, 4 pm.
prof. Anatoly Antohin
Bergman -- FILM STUDY directory
The outline of the Film Directing workshop I conduct from time to time for folks with very little or no film experience. If a lecture -- 60 to 90 min. If with actual shooting -- up to 3-4 hours, using video cameras (depending on the size of the class).

Here I will try to put together a cyber equivalent of mini-filmmaking workshop.



Director's script
Shots & Cuts

Idea and Concept.

I probably should start with it -- the Idea. Sometime it's not even a thought, not even so-called "vision"... Something. Don't push it, help it grow. Too extremes: trying to throw it into scripted form right away, and the opposite -- talking too much about it.

[use FilmMaking 101 directory for details.]

Story & Storyboarding

Visual Narrative. Story-line. Plot and screen events.

If didn't have much of filmmaking experience, most likely you will be neglecting it. Most of the first-timers grab the camera and shoot... This is how home-video is done.

The wrong way.


Visual composition, balance and dynamic composition. Contextuality (Montage).

True art of making films. The details. Texture is the structure in film (Don't know what's the difference? Read Aristotle's "The Poetics").

Film Classes at the Summer Arts Camp -- see the catalogue listing. For classes -- Theatre UAF

There are many useful links in Mining Film Directory; mostly "filmmaking"!

If you feel that you are missing the basics of theory, start with the pages for 200X Aesthetic Appreciation: Art, Music, Theatre THROUGH Film.

Do not over-concern yourself with the production aspect; this is a learning experience. The technical knowledge should come naturally, when there is an artistic need for skills. Take classes with Kade -- design, light, sound. Take video-production courses with Journalism-Broadcasting. Take as many film classes as you can. Do not watch movies, see films.

Okay, if you watch movies, please READ them. Follow the class Film & Movies (analysis 300)!

Do you want to make movies? Start STUDYING them... SEE IT!



TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + death + self + imdb + history + scripts + amazon.com/kindle
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