After 10 years of webbing my pages still have no style!

... 2009: more, web is supposed to be a front -- and do the opposite: open-working space.

Garage, storing place for myself...

Where to hide it?

In my (new) "feast" pages [htm, HTM, HTML pages]?

Every page should -- must -- have it? "Main" pages? What is main page?

... this is for PS, not preface?

stagematrix.vtheatre.net & teatr.us

* 2007 -- "web-year"...
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Yes, I believe that we lived in "interesting times", the times, when the world around goes through very dramatic changes, but most important that we are the subject of changes.

Yes, I believe that the future of the Book belongs to the Internet.

The Web will not kill the print, but is to eat everything for a breakfast.

I am not happy about it, I am simply a part of this process.

Oh, yes, you are this process, do you like it or not...

3.27.07 --

I do not link this page (for years) -- I wait.

Wait for the new generation of web technology?

web2.0 is here...

And it's not for me.



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After the Future

. . . 2008 ?

The structure of this and other my directories are done in the old fashion way : title + intro + ... and chronological : 2006, 2007...

That's not the best way to think about any database!

What is the organization of a scrapbook?

What is the order of chaos?

System! Please!

Preface: I still hope that one day I will organize my pages about the web. Or better say about Me and the Net. It would be nice to have my web-story for others to read and understand this new human experience. Yes, it's just my story, it's also the big history, my friends. Many things I can't explain in my metaphysical nonfiction, but the webmaster Anatoly can demonstrate what is our times about.

Of course, my story is mine and you have yours...

Over fourty years ago I was a child, the talented one, and the communists enrolled me in a special school in Moscow, where they trained the kids to become scientists and build the nukes for Mother-Russia. So, I learned computer programming at 14 (it has nothing to do with the current IT) and went on by getting a master degree in thermodynamics to make my parents happy... And then something went wrong. Very wrong. I began to write. I don't know why and how -- it just happened. If I would write love poems, I still could be a physicist...

Yes, I wrote poetry, but I did a lot articles for papers, short-stories and even plays. So, I got my second degree from Moscow Film Institute and thought that everything "computer" is behind me. I was ... untill 1998, when I got a birthday present from my family -- a computer! Well, I was back to this cyber world I left so long ago. I became virtual...

Video! Fellini Pages @ film.vtheatre.net

... cry, Anatoly, cry!

You will never be fast enough, never ever you will be faster than speed of light.

The world2.0 is faster than you...

Surrender, man.

Thinking is too slow, it's full of feelings...

You will never be a MASTER.

Take it from anatolant.

From lul
... web-semiotics (picasaweb album)

Anatoly'05 2005

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Note on copyright: I began my webbing as my personal notes, i.e. without proper footnotes and references. Now my webpages are public (big traffic) and so many credits and permissions are missing. Sorry, if I violated somebody's copyright. Let me know -- and I will remove your texts. AA

... Progress : veni, vidi, vici ...

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