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2007-web-year and changes -- many.


Oh, so many places are collecvting them! For example :



And many (new) domains are not listed (and not used)!

Pix are stored somewhere else, too -- picasa, flickr, photobucket (list)

Blogs? anatolant.tumbr.com (collecting them all)

Vids? Video pages are in every directory.

My own podcast? online? No, thanks.

Advertising is down to google and amazon only...

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Webmasters of the World, Unite! We have nothing to lose but the chains of the Net!
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One big question I have for myself as a webmaster: is the "critical mass" there? What I call "critical mass" is the moment, when your webpages begin to live their own life. Whe you stop building new pages and do the development, when you ASSIST your pages.
Another criteria: when you stop being concerned about the traffic.

[No matter what I do, the template is not right. Where is the guestbook?]

"To Live is To Struggle." Webmaster

Very old Sister-pages: Notes at WEB Directory with Sellassie WWW.

Recently I doubled the number of pages for theatre -- and all it is in order to make the content better organized! My understanding that I have to work on the information -- and "one day" it will pay off. I try to transfer my professional knowledge to the Web, but the structure of it is not same as in my brains. (Actually, I do not know how it's orgzanized in my memory). Not the data, but the processing this data in cyber space is the biggest challenge.

Perhaps I have to map myself intellectually, to have my brains' anatomy!

I have to spend no less time on organization (my weak side), than on generation of the content.

2007 : Mac : webmaster > ...

* The Images (The BM Album) are still not all in place! [new from vTheatre -- GeoAlaska, links to my graphic files are in the list minipages]

stagematrix.vtheatre.net & teatr.us


8.21.03. The purpose of webpages about webpages was simple; to help me, webmaster, who was helping me-writer. Pages about what to do and what not to do, while web-building. But the web (Internet and IT) technologies are moving so fast, ask for too much of my time. So, no more web-gears, graphic tricks, no more even pages in Webman's Diary...


"...let us save what remains: not by vaults and locks which fence them from the public eye and use in consigning them to the waste of time, but by such a multiplication of copies, as shall place them beyond the reach of accident." Jefferson, Thomas. [1791] 1984. Thomas Jefferson to Ebenezer Hazard, Philadelphia, February 18, 1791. In Thomas Jefferson: Writings: Autobiography, Notes on the State of Virginia, Public and Private Papers, Addresses, Letters, edited by Merrill D. Peterson. New York: Library of America


New (2003 traffic samples):
vtheatre.net ~ 48%
method.vtheatre.net ~ 19%
shows.vtheatre.net ~ 17%
web.vtheatre.net ~ 7%
act.vtheatre.net ~ 4%
film.vtheatre.net ~ 3%
script.vtheatre.net ~ 3%

and --

1. United Kingdom 13.8
2. Malaysia 10.3%
3. Philippines 10.3%
4. United States 10.3%
... is it true?

2006 & After
Visitors Back: 60 seconds -- 22.10%
3 minutes -- 23.75%
5 minutes -- 11.34%
10 minutes -- 14.38%
15 minutes -- 7.75%
30 minutes -- 11.47%
60 minutes -- 9.21%
[ 3.10.04 ]

8.5.05. Theatre pages have better traffic -- why? Yahoo is better than Tripod. More developed context? I teach film classes less.

"Visitors Back" -- return in 60 sec.? Surfers. Not reading.

Summer = 50-100% traffic lost. Students. Same -- weekends.

Finally, uniques v. reloads = 50/50... 1K + 1K/day

Any further growth?

8.21.05. Russian Pages and the "Russian Webmaster" page -- first time in non- English. Even the Sellasie WWW was done in English.

Is it different?


RUS is a page I plan to write about my experience with the Russian Net.

First observations (after two months):

They are advanced. Servers, portals, counters -- sometimes better than USA.

A lot of sites about literature and culture.

Many internet news publishers (I placed too many feeds on myn pages).

I do not have the Russian traffic yet. The nature of "Antohins" is a literature, history, at best. "Personal interest" pages?

To "guess" (marketing) the core of a new directory is difficult. But the traffic comes from the knowledge of WHAT the pages about.

I do not know Russian Web, there are some specifics. "Regional" or "ethnic" zone? What did I learned from the Ethiopians?

... Don't overdo it!

SHOWS (directory) These pages have been viewed a total of 159203 times.

OEDIPUS: These pages have been viewed a total of 33490 times.

SHREW (Fall 2004): 16305 times.

SCRIPT: vtheatre.net/script -- 122141 times + script.vtheatre.net -- 269014
New pages (chapters): Chekhov, Beckett, preporation -- a year/two in advance *

The data from CQCOUNTER (uniques * reloads * total * grouth):

2002 50,285 33,786 84,071 n/a
2003 133,993 86,874 220,867 +162.71%
2004 330,955 272,509 603,464 +173.23%
2005 336,863 327,007 663,870 n/a
Estimate 528,947 513,471 1,042,417 +72.74%

... 2007 - 2008 : vtheatre.blogspot.com -- webmaster's blog : 9.16.07 : the numbers are the same since the end of 2005... Why?


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WEB Directory Notes Film-North

If I knew how much work the web takes, I wouldn't start my pages seven yars ago. Anatoly 18.9.05

10.18.05. I suspect that web is my departure from classes; I do not know who read my webpages and what they get from them... In my classes I see that they take the info, they do not study themselves... what's the point to study theatre then?

Of course, I do not want to know. I don't want to know that they come to grab some information for papers, or surf, because they have nothing better to do at the moment. They do not read -- and they do not want to do theatre or film. Not really...

And here we go. Do you want it? Here it is... rottentomates.com.

Rotten Tomatoes
Search Movie/Celeb

Advanced Search
I have more and more "Search" -- movies, celebs and what ever.

I do what I did for the Party in USSR.

The Market and the consumers...

Why can't it be both? The trivia and the art...

I should know better, it's never both.

Do you want better traffic?

The serious stuff has to go.


1.21.04: Something to think about:

This is from Amazon (Alexa) ISBN number assigned to my filmplus.org site. Do you see the price?

I guess, it's coming...

The directories and subdirectories will be locked for (pay) access (when?) -- soon.

And here is something else from Alexa:

My theatre sites...

Tripod has the biggest number of my files and pages. The idea is to link all pages about webbing in one place. Simple?

See Intro for details.

But the real webBook is "Diary of a Webman" -- new web-project. [I reached the limit of the files and directories and the only way to keep developing them is to use the old fashion "book format"!]

Sept 4, 2002: I never thought about "big numbers" -- 4K pageviews a day on my instructional pages (theatre and film)!

Four levels = four parts on each my webpage! [ in principle ]

Levels of each page : First -- the easiest. Last -- most difficult? What about the "archeology"? Most recent -- first?

From required (definitions) to recommended reading?

Part IV. Notes and comments (in addition to sidetalking -- right table)?

12.8.2003. I keep writing, keep posting -- every day, many hours each day... I don't have my handwriting diaries anymore. Classes (textbooks or workbooks), plays and productions, my nonfiction. And I am tired.

Of course, I won't finish "Webman's Diary" -- I can't finish anything. Why not to leave me-webmaster behind? I needed pages, I bilt them, I am using them. I don't reflect on how I lean to walk, speak, write...

Well, maybe only in The Virtual Theatre -- the book about the future. But when?

Web Directories and Pages are not only on web-building, but also the SUPPORT service to each website. The backstage machinary, which has to turn static content pages into smart pages with the dynamic and interactive texts. In my experience every content page (in order to be a king) needs at least one more service page (which I do not list usually). Sometimes more than one page; the more the better. Hypertext by nature is a COLLECTION of links, it has to be hyper-rich in connectivity. The trick is not just to collect the links, but be connected, to have others linked to you!

The winner is the webmaster, who invents the new technologies of organizing the content. Managing and processing information, the data, you know... Therefore the pages have to have an "open structure"; they have to be build with the mechanism of self-development. GuestBooks, for example -- your visitors following your lead contribute to the content! Do it! USE it! If you don't use your own pages, why should others?

Did you notice the new bar at the battom? Help, eMail, Home -- I plan to add "advertise".... Because, it's business! Your visitors should have "About Us" link and pages, if you wish to check who is behind the scenes. FAQ is must! Do I have FAQ for WebBusiness pages? Too bad. Get one!

Anatoly Y2K

PS. Now, the end makes the story. I mean the good ending. In fact, the whole narrative is aim at the end. But the open ending is even better. When you imagination see another story ahead...

Here we are -- and I have more to tell. I see what is not told yet! Please, get it right! MS give you "windows" but they keep the doors for themselves. Get out, go beyond the propaganda. Think -- and live free!

Understanding is the weapon. See them through. READ what is not said!

You know that you are the first enemy you have to fight. Get it right, man. The world was, is and ever will be nothing but war. And nothing is wrong with it. 2-25-04. Six years ago on my birthday the family give me a computer with the internet access... This is how it all began. It took me several months to learn HTML, year or two to learn the webmaster's tricks. I use webbing for everything I do now -- writing, directing, classes. Six years -- a lot of time passed. What's next?
I try to stay away from me-webmaster; I made enough pages to use for classes (I believe that the field-zone is marked). How to use them better? I made many mistakes in the past -- layout, navigation and etc.
I don't have time to reflect on my experience -- and learn. I'm still running after my own web shadow... .

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