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This is a story with a begining and an open end, my story. I started webbing in the summer of 1998, six years ago. It was a long ago even byu the old human standarts, never mind, the cyber time speed! I thought that I will keep my writing, my notes and everything I did on the paper in the memory of a machine... I forgot to tell you that this story has many turning points, but no climax. Perhaps, this moment of composition will come with my physical death.
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Read pages on webpages, if you have your own website (everyone should have it). Read, if you use your webpages. If you want to save yourself time learning. Read about what not to do. Read, if you toy with the idea to turn it into a business. Read, if you read all that trash that they send out. Read, if you want to make more use of the web and your time...


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Intro to WEB Directory

2004: this is the last year of the webmaster's era! I have enough pages to use them for writing. What else they are for?
All my sites have WEB directories (I work on two only now -- vtheatre.net and filmplus.org). Each site has its own WEB needs and its own organization.

If you have website, you have to SERVE your webpages!

This directory is for this very purpose!

Webmaster, be aware!

"FreeDrive is the largest online file storage service with over 12 million members. In addition to 50 MB of Free space, FreeDrive also offers Chat, CD Burning, Photo Albums, and more..."
What? "FreeDrive"?

-Who cares what you had? You wasted time and energy of the 12 million people -- and my time! Now I have to remove your links and banners from my pages. Perhaps your "team" doesn't understand how the web works -- "free" means that millions work for "free" for your company and you better learn how to manage that team of millions.

What is what I email back to them. They went out of business and gave two weeks notice Feb. 23 -- March 5, 2001. Do you know how many hours do I have to spend to remove their dead links from my pages? How much did I earn from their affiliate program? Nothing.

The lessons. How can you earn when they don't make money? Don't sign up with the losers! How to recognize the loser? Oh, this is another story, my webfriend.

How many of them, the "doc.coms"! When the fakers finally will die? NEW: Web @ Angelfire

All WEB Directories have Intro and Notes pages.

All directories now have popup and other self-support mini-windows.

Make them work! The pages!

Webpage is a machine! Webmachine!

You worked only if your pages work. Everything else is a waste of time.

Read more WEBMASTER'S WISDOM in popup mini-windows "For Webmasters Only!"

Afronord and Rusam are back! Read the begining of the "Intro" at The Webman's Diary

Take a look at the URL of this page. Do you see the name "rusam" (Russian American) in the middle of it? I made it. I am not satisfy with any name which is GIVEN to me, I have to do it myself -- I am master of my own life and destiny! [ Rusam is no more -- theGlobe is dead. I had to move all theatre pages to Yahoo! What did I tell you? ]

I have to have this great wall, the divice, the protection from the world -- the technology! I need the distance from you, my friends. And only then we can be friends and friendly.The internet is not only about bringing us together, but bringing you closer by keep the safe distance. Why? Because I don't trust. I trust nobody. Especially, the government, the system of many against one, me.

The rest of the world is happy with the public transportation. Not me! Public library? No! I want to have my own DATA! It's mine, even it's the same as yours!

Even the Neo-Americans and the Post-American like Clinton, are still Americans. They still like this principle of SELF-MADE. They are "American" socialist and communist by default, because of the need for adaptation, but they still buy their own cellular phones. The Internet brings together in very American way by keering the safe distance between me and you, by making this distance more protective, making it bigger! Of course, technology is based on the need of protectation from the hostile environment, and what could be more hostile than society? Americans love alienation! Americans can share their space only at their will, because they like to share a priory, they don't trust -- and money the measure of trust. They made business into the preferable type of relationships.

Now, what other physical space is left for me to have MY OWN PLACE? I had to go into the cyber space, the Last American Frontier! I am a web-MASTER, master of my own destiny!

Of course, I live with one name (Rusam) in one place,and with another (Afronord) in another. Look, I have many identities! I am a taxpayer (one number) and a driver (another number). I am okay with my multiple personality.

Come on! All technologies are the WAR technologies. Computer is no different than stone and stick. Are surprise that people in the cyber space are so aggressive? What do you expect when so many people meet in the unclaimed land? We fight for it! Except, every time you click on my link, it's my "hit" to you! My little victory. You aknowledge that the territory belongs to me! This is the eccense of the traffic wars. My visitor is your lost visitor! Of course, this is business, nothing personal. Business is the war.

Do you know why we, Americans, insist on free market? Why do we like the equality? Because we believe that we are stronger, that we will defeat you and win. This is the same old Greek dialectics of Master and Slave. There are win-win situations; at the end there is only one winner. You or me.

Oh, no, I don't want you dead -- I want you to WORK for me!

Why do you think the celebrities are rich? Because millions of slaves work for them. What do you think a million of one video rented means? Or a record? Or a movie seen? It's paid with the time of the millions hours of labor! And all those slaves are FREE! You can make them SERVE you. How? The same old way, as masters did it always, you server them with what they don't have -- the purpose, meaning, reinsurence. Of course, it's a trade. Their labor, your ideas.

The Internet took the Art of War to another level!

Oh, yes, it is an altimate free market and suprime equality!

Let me translate the terminology for you. "Targeted Markets"? Market is the identification of the enemy and who is this target? You, my friend. I want you to give me your money. No,I do not force you, because I want you to be happy slave, I want you to bring your money to me and do it time after time! I want you to tell your friends about me and the peasures I can give them! I want the efficiency!

I need freedom for all; I want slavery to be your choice!

Legal. Just in case...
If you have received this message in error, please accept our apologies.
This ad is being sent in compliance with Senate Bill 1618 Title 3, Section 301. http://www.senate.gov/~murkowski/comercialemail. If you wish to be removed, please type "remove" in the subject line and "reply" to webmaster

Webmaster, read about what you shouldn't do!
@2000-2004 film-north * * "Use clean HTML: Clean code loads quicker and gets crawled (this sounds creepy!) by the search engines faster. If the success of your website really matters to you and if you want to create your own web pages instead of hiring a professional web developer, you should spend at least a few days learning HTML. A search-engine friendly website doesn't need much HTML to learn and it will show clean content to your visitors without unnecessarily increasing the load time. Avoid using graphical tools and use a text editor instead. It sounds daunting in the beginning but once your realize its benefit, you'll be more than eager to write HTML rather than use a tool that produces lots of unnecessary junk code".

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