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What about the Spectator Book, which close and a must read for vtheatre? Oh, the same!

I have no excuses, I am simply sorry...

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I hope that my pages are more like a forest, not a garbage dumb...

Since 1999 (3 Sisters) one way or another I try different aspects of the Virtual Theatre in my UAF shows. In "Don Juan" I plan to push the web part of it (I didn't have time to do it in HamletDreams and Dangerous Liaisons), i.e. "webshow" (presenting it on the web without webcact -- streaming video). Old dog learning new tricks.

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Xmas 2003: "Virtual" is a lose definition, too many directions are unknown. The only way to deal with the concept is to take it one by one. We started with the webcast in 1999, but is only a new technology. How to shoot, to act, to direct, to arrange the text -- oh, the aesthetics are much more complex.

At this moment I am working on the original hyperdrama (the classics I used, public domain, are limited, resisting the concept).


The Importance of Being Earnest is the third vShow I am about to direct. Spring 2003: Don Juan (pix on this page are for myself, actors and designers).

I began my webbing in the Summer of 1998 and making webpages (hypertext) moved me to the idea of Virtual Theatre. I tried it first in the Spring of 1999 with my ADVANCED Acting and Advanced Directing classes. Also, in my Film Directing class. Next -- I used some students from those classes for UAF Lab Theatre production of Checkhov's "3 Sisters" (we did the webcast for three nights).

Virtual Theatre is new term and the field of this future art includes many old and new medias. Yes, it's live (acting in real time and space in front ot live public), it's live cameras (several) and it's live spectator in front of his computer, who also manipulates the spectacle. In short, we have three live components you are familiar with!

The technology will be there in a few short years (speed, memory, resolution and so on), the biggest problem is the aesthetics. After all this is a new animal, a mutant. How do the old muses behave when we process them through electronic universe? (At the end, not soon, you would have holographic images of the live show in your living room, interacting with the sectacle, or at least "directing" it into your own narrative).

Lets start from the end and walk back to the stage with live actors and spectators in front of the SpectActors (the name we gave to our camera-people, since they had no storyboards and learned how to be a part of mise-en-scenes without getting into shots). The simple formula:

show -- camera -- web

Of course we had online director who cuts from 3-4 cameras for the transmission to the web, i.e. the people, who saw it on their computers, had one version, but it is possible to give this function to the spectator at home (in the future). The complesity of production prevented me from experimenting further with the webcast (we wanted to download all footage (including all shows and all rehearsals from all cameras) into our UAF super-computer, when you can select the takes by yourself (this is non-live application of vtheatre, which I still do not understand fully).

NB. I didn't plan to write a book on vtheatre (and still do not plan) and better stop here. You have to surf through other pages and read the notes.

* You can see some references to postmodern books on my pages; I strongly recommend to read what came from the New French (Paul Virilio, the latest) in order to understand the philosophical aspects of this virtual theatre phenomena. I will work on the new directory Film600: Wrong Subjects + Bad Theories (when you see the flash banner, click -- and get there!)

[ images on this page (moved) -- my preparation for Don Juan (see directory @ shows.vtheatre.net)

Most of my scripts/adaptations for vtheatre are in plays directory. ]

WWWilde: The Importance of Being Earnest (acting)
HamletDreams 2001
(interaction with the public)
Demons 2003 (multiple stages)
I am my own unfinished dream...

The Importance of Being Earnest (above). See 3 sisters and 12th Night (menu -- on the right, or html "My Shows" below).

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Fall 2003: The Possessed (main stage) [ I don't have time even to work on this page! ] Read, think, write!

12.24.03. Now most of my (intellectual) energy is spent before and after the show; me-director is there is only to serve (I limited in time and money to direct any real vtheatre production). Each new project I have to start several years ahead -- and I have no time to finish the cycle; I have to do another show. I even have no time to reflect, to think... Venice-DonJuan2003
Venice Carnival 2002 & Don Juan 2003 Show

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