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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text = playscript + spectacle + public

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I often wonder about my own fifty years of living in the world without a major war. As a child of the Cold War I interpret it as the new form of historical advancement, when the humankind energy was turned inward and the individual became a target.

That is how I explain for myself our rapid technological advances. Postmodernists call PURE WAR or TOTAL WAR, because it has no break, no peace, no exceptions.

I placed the links to my metaphysical writings and you will be the judge how far our "peaceful" development is about to take us!

Theory of Spectatorship
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Well, I am a target because I am the only link between the Heaven and Earth.

Yes, you are too, if you are this link.

But first, about the Dance of War, a ritual.




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Waiting for Godot

Bad Subjects, Wrong Theories
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The End

Stravinsky -- Russian American Theatre directory

Why Stravinsky?


Aug. 2004 -- The Taming of the Shrew & Oedipus X are the last two shows I will have online. Webbing takes too much time, I became a webmaster by default. Enough! Goodbye vtheatre! Anatoly
PS? Are you crazy? We are at the very beginning of this new era!

VR of today is than a cinema scope was before the turn of the twentieth century.

Eventually we will get to the point when an individual can interact with the universe. Virtual is real. At least as far as our EXPERIENCE is concerned.

Unlike Marx, I believe that our mission is not to change the world, but ourselves; and that is why we do change the world to make it a better tool for our own evolution. When I say "us" I means that EACH of us individually has this personal mission.


If you read my theatre pages, you realize that that the play is the way of learning. Life is not just dramatic, it should be theatrical.

New technologies offer the extreme sports of LIVING drama and the traditional disciplines could help to understand this feature ART of LIVING. (Read Method Acting and imagine its applications for Vtheatre).

No, I am not discouraged that VR is used so far for games and training, it's in the toddler's age. My bigger concern is that the enormous powers will be used for the trash entertainment and not for experiencing Shakespeare. But again, within this ocean of popular culture there will be a zone for the Artists.

... Anatoly ?

Okay, lets get to the real subject of vTheatre's future!

Wait! Do you know anything about shamanism?

No? How come you interested in theatre? Or any arts?

What do you think it's all about?

Revelations, my friend.

Ability to see the secret, something which impossible to see.

Are you ready?

If not, read some other pages; Acting, Directing, Drama....

The craft-pages. The manuals.

Don't read anything anymore on this page!

Don't even think about it!

Stay away!

Close Your Eyes!

Oh, you are still here.


Ritual & Virtual Theatre

Without understanding the nature of RITUAL, we can't understand the basics of the vTheatre.

The basic difference between traditional theatre and ritual is that the later has no division between "actors" and "spectators"!

Well, we have arrived to the place where Theatre started.

Both Actor and Spectator have to reform their relations. CO-creation!

Church is back? Catharsis? Festivities?

With "WWWilde" I plan(ed) to give control over cameras to the spectators. With "Story of David Z." To the Internet participants.

How does new SpecActor enters the show from the "house" v. Acting Performers entering from the stage?

Where is the border?

What is the new architecture?

MOVING SCREENS for projection: live curtain changing its physical configuration and multiple screens...

Audience does see itself on the screen (one of the first discovers in "3 Sisters")—and reacts!

REACTIONS=acting. We all are actors when we are seen!

Self-reflections? The Mirror Idea—and the playing.... Venice-DonJuan2003
Venice Carnival 2002 & Don Juan 2003 Show

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