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"Between Theatre & Ritual"? (Mainz paper -- http://etheatre.tripod.com/theory/present.html)

What is Ritual today?

Ritual Theory & Technique Kabbala

These are the steps in R:

Open the Circle
Open the Gates
Invocation to the Powers
Statement of Intention and Sacrifice
Main Ritual
Dismissal of Powers
Close the Gates Close the Circle

How different this act from our traditional theatre experience? We watch the others on stage in the state of ritual?

Important to notice that in ritual we do cross the line separating the other world from "our" reality. Did you notice 2 stages -- the circle and the gates? And -- Intention and Sacrifice? What is that?

Graeco-Roman Ritual & Ceremonies bibography

I hope you understand that I am not talking about the popculture use of rituals -- Spell, etc. for example. More of the practical -- Ritual & Online Teaching (example). Oh the rituals are everywhere! The real ones! It hasn't have to be death or birth. Rwad what McLuhan had to say in 1976: Interview

More links:

Bibliography of Social Anthropological Theories of Ritual Meaning and Function http://www.swcp.com/~ldraper/slim/biblios/morris.h tml The Study of Ritual as an Aspect of Human Religiosity http://www.egt.ie/misc/ritual.html A Field Statement on the Anthropology of Religion, by John K. Nelson http://www.sosig.ac.uk/roads/cgi-bin/tempbyhand.pl ?query=936108751-12559 &database=sosigv3 Prehistoric Rock Art of India http://www.lavanya-indology.com/rockart.htm

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