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Postmodern (POMO or PM) is addressing the issues ignored by Modernism. The idea of "classics", for example.

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text = playscript + spectacle + public

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I made this proposal after directing 3 Sister, virtual theatre project in the Fall of 1999...

Virtual Theatre

Stravinsky -- Russian American Theatre directory

THR 395 Spring 2001 Special Topics

Anatoly Antohin
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Venice Carnival 2002 & Don Juan 2003 Show


Virtual Theatre is a new subject which encludes the old medias: Live Performance & Film. Webcasting is a transmission of live shows to WWW.
This course/seminar is organized on "total theatre" principle, when actors, directors and writers work together on the class project through exersices in workshop-style. Theatre or Film basic knowledge is required (THR121, THR331, THR470) or permission of the instructor.

Webcasting -- nature of the Intenet and WWW. Theory & Practice. Streeaming Video

Texts -- Hyper-Text, new control over time and space. Scripting Workshop

Performance -- Method Acting and Interactivity with the Camera/Public

Film Techniques -- CUs and Master Camera, TV v. Film (Cinema)

Week One: New Medium -- Web and Internet as Performance. High Tech and Traditional Theatre. The Aesthetics of the Monitor. Publishing or Broadcasting? (see Diary of a Webman)

Week Two: Film, Video, TV -- the mixture.

Week Three: Film and Stage Acting. 3D space, Shot, Cut and CloseUp.

Week Four: Directing for vTheatre

Week Five: Mise-en-Scene -- Double Challenge. Blocking for Live Performance and for the Camera.

Week Six: Hyper-Text and Open Structure Spectacle -- SpectActors. Improvisation and Live Event coverage. Game & Play principles. New Rituals

Week Seven: Interactive Space. New position of the audience -- spectActors.

Week Eight: Editing and Montage for the Streaming Video.

Week Nine: Computer Channel and Multimedia Workshop.

Week Ten: Shooting and Editing.

Week Eleven: Webcast and Netcast

Week Twelve: Class Project Broadcasting

Final Exam & Paper

Use vTheatre webpages as your textbook: familarize yourself with the VTHR projects archives. Read the scripts. Main sites -- Theatre w/Anatoly, Film-North and Virtual Theatre. Working knowledge of computer, email and Internet is required (see eClass). Subscribe yourself to vTheatre List: this is active list, which all in class will be using during the semester. This class webpage will be updated weekly -- bookmark it! Note: Most of the webpages were built to support acting, directing, drama (traditional) classes.
Guest-speakers will be announced later.

Class is recommended for theatre, film, art, computer majors. This is the first core course for new BFA "Performance & Multimedia" (pending).

Two Tests on Theory and Terminology 10 + 10%
Final Exam 20%
Research Paper 20%
Class Projects 30%
Participation 10%

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Utopia Project

Virtual Theatre w/Anatoly

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