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Virtual = Digital?

... Research Files -- theory linked with virtual theatre *

Notes for 4.20.07 -- Dept. Meeting : DPC - Instructor/Director/Producer?

UAF computing service -- ?

grant writing (job description)

producer --

Part of BFA proposal -- old page [ updates? ]

Next : mon. 1.30 -- email first. CALENDAR

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2007 -- proposal points
... Acamedimic/Creative/Business(Commercial?)

Position : (Director of Media?)

To carry out the mission of Digital Performance Center (DPC):

Provides direct support to innovative media artists (students).

Engages and educates the community by providing education, training and the dissemination of knowledge with an emphasis on artistic and critical thinking.

Fosters a supportive community of media makers and media viewers.


Responsibilities include:

... teaching

... research/service

Position Qualifications (Desirable Qualifications)
* Successful public relations (?) experience in an academic-affiliated setting.
* Successful experience managing Arts operations.
* Successful experience in the application of technologies for teaching and learning, and administrative communications...

Learning and Digital Media Director (?)

-A champion of Learning and Digital Media processes & procedures
-Assist with local office integration and business development
-Work with project teams to ensure project profitability/margins including management of staff utilization based on budget specifications
-Recruit, select, train, and develop staff.


-- Manage external relationships (community, business, state, national)

DIRECTOR OF [BROADCASTING AND] MEDIA INNOVATIONS http://executive.jobs.net/Job.asp?jid=J8B7V563MF4MHR9B013

from the previous Dept. Meeting:

Theatre UAF - next 50 years

[ minimum and maximum ]


Catalogue changes -- timetable ? [ minor and major ]

Stage :

“Lab Theatre Seasons” -- SECOND STAGE (smart room like) : Experimental Theatre ?

In addition to Winter Shorts ( show/semester ), should keep the Play Fest (maybe every year).

Extra rehearsal space -- “15 years” of Green Room

Film :

Film major -- in 3-5 years?

…. BFA --


The name -- Academic and Performing Arts Center
The Center for Drama and Film
Film and Digital Media Department 
---------------------------------------------------- Production Facilities -- Digital Media Lab

Sample: UC Santa Cruz
Theater Arts Department Facilities
The Theater Arts Department provides two adjoining IT lab facilities, a smaller student production facility, one large, advanced IT-enabled theater space, and three additional theater spaces with IT capabilities. Equipment and software are provided through a combination of department, division, building startup and grant funding. Facilities are maintained by departmental staff Theater Arts Instructional Lab
This is an eleven-seat lab oriented toward classes in sound, scenic and lighting design, and video for theater.
Sound Design Studio
Adjacent to the main instructional lab is a small, high-end sound design studio. The studio contains two workstations optimized for creating sound for theater.
Experimental Theater
The Experimental Theater has a variety of state-of-the-art digital theater equipment, and is regularly used to create performances that are webcast. It is the location of upcoming collaborative dance pieces to be performed interactively with dancers from New York University over Internet 2.
Student Production Office
The Student Production Office is a five-workstation facility used by students involved in theatrical productions, typically those students working at the design and management levels of production. Typical activities include stage management, scenic design and lighting design.
Mainstage Theater, Second Stage Theater, Barn Theater
Each of these facilities hosts productions which have varying levels of IT involvement. Examples include video and other media design elements, lighting and sound production, supertitles and so on. In addition, the Barn Theater is a student-coordinated production facility which will shortly house several networked workstations for on-site stage management, scenic design and lighting design. The Barn is remote from the rest of the Theater Department, and the networking and workstations are critical for its operation. http://arts.ucsc.edu/computing/facilities/#theater
CU-Denver Studio Theatre. The Studio Theatre is equipped with moveable seating banks, light grid, sound equipment, and rehearsal furniture. This studio is also wheelchair accessible.
Music/Dance Studio. The Music and Dance Studio features sprung wooden floors, barre, and mirrors.
Costume and Scene Shop. The shop offers all the tools for building costumes and scenery for the Department's Performing Arts productions. The shop also serves as lab spaces for students in the theatre design and technology emphasis, and is staffed by costume and scenery professionals.
Design Studio. The studio is equipped with full drafting tables, computer drafting equipment and excellent lighting for classroom and lab work.

http://www.newschool.edu/mediastudies/ Media Studies -- online?

Faculty & Administration


“Our narrative and documentary production courses are taught entirely with portable digital video equipment. (We use the term "film" not to designate a particular technology, but a particular category of creative practice.)” Connecticut College http://www.conncoll.edu/academics/departments/filmstudies/facilities.html

proposal for dean?

UAF Sample Services Available from CTS

Video Taping 
Elluminate Live
Special Projects
Computing Labs
Technology News
Smart Classrooms 
Instructional Design
Audio Video Studios
Special Event Support
Special Project Support
Audio/Video Editing Bays
Satellite Downlink Services
http://www.alaska.edu/oit/cts/ + http://www.alaska.edu/oit/cts/studios/index.xml Campus Technology Services Staff (8 + students)

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