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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text = playscript + spectacle + public

Ghost's Vision of the story! Based on two Ghost's monologues.
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How to combine the live and pre-recorded segments?

One Hamlet. And the mirror? Hamlet with the camera. Survalence cameras, view from the Purgatory. The main issue: how does the underworld looks like? How it functions?

How to audition the cast and -- the public?

Epilogue: the Ghost meets them all; they are dead. What does take place then?

Yahoo: Ghost in Hamlet [google search)


Bad Year!


Questions? Travel in time! Go for 2003!

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2007 : thinking about Theatre UAF 50 years from now (April = 50 years). ... And I went back to Virtual Theatre pages -- yes, take a good look, Anatoly...

vTheatre. Hamlet ...

2006 (updates): go.dot (Beckett)

Web Event. Several Medias (film/video, live performance, papets, shadow theatre, texts on the screens). Hypertext Narrative; the public vote on the next event in the plot. The discussions are the part of the show (limit everything timewise -- who is the moderator?).

Spectators are pre-screened (test on their knowledge of the play) before the event.

Survival for the final narrative (one is voted to finish the story). Game.

Voting out the characters? (Not all characters, only the ones Ghost cares for). Cyber-spectators?

Several locations, or in Denmark (super-imposed as a set?)

The watching (passive) public (webcast). Dates?

* Toronto, CANADA - 29.9.01: Vivid Group Inc. is proud to announce that it has experienced a dramatic increase in sales of its unique and totally engaging Vivid Virtual Theatre (V.V.T.) in the last year. V.V.T. simulators are an incredible new, full body immersive Virtual Reality Simulation for multiple participants that are part of Vivid's line of Gesture Xtreme (GX) Systems and Applications designed for public entertainment venues. http://www.vividgroup.com/press_vvt.htm * Every quarter over 1100 students register for Theatre 100, the largest GEC course on campus. Students enrolled in the course are required, among other things, to review and analyze set designs and lighting for a number of different influential plays and productions. Traditional approaches to this investigation have been limited to slide presentations, with a possible visit to a single set, assuming there is a production staged in Columbus during the quarter of enrollment. Last year we proposed and were funded through the Instructional Innovation Grant Program to use emerging Web3D technology to provide an alternative, interactive source for this experience. The resulting Roy Bowen Virtual Theatre prototype has been developed, and promises to become a cornerstone to the pedagogy of Theatre 100 and other courses within the Department of Theatre. http://accad.osu.edu/~kwhitloc/vtp/pages/grant2a.htm

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