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p2009 [Project Utopia and other After 2009 pages]

... and sounds.

* 4 Books (long wish list of shows to direct) -- here it is, the dreaming about nonfiction on stage. Faust, or Dante -- any help? Bergman and other titles in shows.vtheatre.net? Amarcord?

That's how the mature LUL looks like?

Second 3-year cycle...

[ new way to store pix -- will it stay around for 3 years? ]


TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + death + self + imdb + history + scripts + amazon.com/kindle

But before was cinema and radio...

... After TV

The Unexpected : Staging Nonfiction --

not just another life for me, but for my nonfiction projects as well...

Utopia Project [u21.us]

Will I get to it in two years?


Fall 2011 -- Part 1. Hell [Lul-5]

Spring 2012 -- Part 2. Heaven [Lul-6]

What about Purgatory?

Should be part 2 -- Purgatory with the open end for Paradise. Another Millennium which each ahead?

... Dante storyline?

[tech.vtheatre.net TECH-2]

pov.vtheatre.net -- part 2 [together with TECH?]

History nonfiction [ Father-Russia, Post-America, HIM ] -- part 1 ?

Lul : Global Theatre

UTOPIA { formalism? }

dreams.vtheatre.net & minimalism

from another collection :

clouded moon

... and picasa album "Utopia"!

Fall 2011 -- the 3rd Lul season:


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