University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre is strictly an undergraduate training program. Our students study directly with Professors, not graduate assistants. They do not take a back seat to graduate students in casting, design assignments, directing opportunities, or in research opportunities.

Our student to teacher ratio is very low, offering the kind of personal attention one associates with traditional theatrical mentorship. We know that the keystone to a superior education is an excellent student/mentor relationship.

First-rate productions are a part of our over-all curriculum.

A Bachelor of Arts Theater major receives experience in all the elements of the theater: acting, directing, technical design and production, dramatic structures, and the role of the audience as critic and consumer. These areas are enriched with study of dramatic literature, history, and a sense of the great movements in human thought and action. Additionally, the BA student experiences the breadth of the traditional Liberal Arts study.

This undergraduate degree in theater serves the student as a broad base for any career choice and for advanced graduate study.

The department of theatre arts studies (name) provides programs for the University student in several ways:

Through its theatre studies curriculum it provides students with three sequences for a student who wishes to pursue the B.F. A. in theatre:

* The Performance Sequence

* The Design/Technical Theatre Sequence

* The General Theatre Sequence (?)

* Directing

* Film Study (focal point of "Theatre UAF 50" proposal)

Through its fine arts courses it provides students with various courses which can fulfill University-wide requirements.

Through its stage productions each year it provides a wide-range of theatre events thereby enriching the University community’s cultural life and enjoyment.

Through the Theatre UAF seasons our program provides all students with an exciting and practical expirience.


gradual academic evolution (steps)

Theatre UAF 50 * BFA

overview of achivements and present situation:

... Theatre UAF seasons (productions - highlights)
- new courses
- number of majors
- Student Profiles
- SDA Activities
- Alumni Highlights
- Internships

challenges --



scene shop



... theatre/film approach (major in theatre with film emphasis)

... multimedia/digital direction


* The interdisciplinary approach would allow a student to develop a unique curriculum in close and continuing consultation with faculty mentors.

Actions needed: Digital Performance Center (DPC) director/instructor

comparing: 70 years

... With (24) faculty, all of whom are professionals in their individual fields of study, we offer (five) degree programs and two minors (theatre & film)

B.A. in drama, offering maximum flexibility in exploring a wide range of career opportunities in theater

B.F.A. in acting, offering intensive and highly individualized instruction, with opportunities within the liberal arts curriculum for a broader general education


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... DPC proposal

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Required Credits by Year

First Year Performance Core 
Second Year 
Third Year 
Fourth Year  

Dept. Meeting Mon. 4.23.07 + wed. dean