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Mission Statement :

DPC - The Centerís mission is research and education in the integrated development of media systems.

* to study and development of experiential media systems that integrate digital media with traditional theatre arts.

-- Experiential media have the following characteristics: Natural, multimodal interfaces, including gesture, speech and sound, drawing and activity...

compare :

The major in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance (IAP) [Arizona State U]

* Media Arts ((Concentrations))
The Media Arts concentration of the Theatre degree has been structured so as to raise and explore a broad range of artistic and social concerns through a variety of disciplines while maintaining an emphasis on electronic media and new technologies. The focus area puts equal emphasis on artistic creation, technique, history and theory; through projects, assignments, and readings. Students from all disciplines will become familiar with the elements of current media technologies and will incorporate these in the creation of their own work. Examples include CD ROMs, digitally-edited videos, graphics brochures and electronic art installations.

Performance Studies
The Performance Studies concentration explores how performance creates meaning in the arts, culture, social life, and media. The curriculum of the Performance Studies concentration is interdisciplinary and covers performance, theatre, dance, technology, film as well as intercultural studies with an emphasis on 20th century arts and culture.


Film and Video Studies Minor
The Minor in Film and Video Studies contains two tracks: Film Studies and Media and Video Studies. The two tracks largely parallel one another and share a common set of core courses. Each track consists of 21 semester hours with a minimum of 15 credit hours required at the upper division level. In each track, students are required to take two core courses and five elective courses. A student may transfer six credit hours of lower division coursework to be applied to the electives. Students in either track may also pursue independent study opportunities with approval of a faculty advisor. A required capstone project of three upper division credits under the prefix IAP 480 rounds out the requirements for the minor.

[ Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance Department -- after the Center is established? ]

rationale for DPC proposal : expertise and resources

what is needed --

DPC Digital Performance Center (new) -- Director

proposal --

Theatre UAF 50

... [NAME] DPC = Digital Performance Centre (Center)

Traditional theatre program + high tech

... examples :

Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance --
was created in autumn 2006 and is now recognized as a Brunel University Research Centre.

The polycentric emphases in the new research environment rest on a distinctive transdisciplinary vision which fuses artistic performance, theatre and live art with new media technologies and creative software writing/engineering. Open to partnerships in research collaboration with others in the School of Arts, the School of Engineering and Design, BITLab, and institutions elsewhere in the UK and abroad, the core group activities centre on the integration of creative arts, performance writing, and performance design with digital technologies. investigating new and exciting opportunities for working at the frontiers of art, science, and technology, where new modes of performance and interaction are invented.

The core research group in the Centre and its partners seek to explore and to help define the future of performance art in its intersections with digital cultures, and with new media technologies and communications in the creative industries. Our wider research goal is to explore the limits of what is possible in technologically sophisticated media and performance arts, both from an embodied performance art and an engineering viewpoint. Combining physical peformance and site specific art with new virtual performance modalities in eScience, engineering, and theory, the Centre will drive a series of projects over the next three years which continue to build our national and international relations with other research ventures into digital cultures.

The Centre expects to celebrate the opening of the newly expanded BOILERHAUS lab facilities in the autumn of 2007.

Prof. Johannes Birringer is director of the planning stages and research architecture of the new Centre.

-- to contact!

... + -- journal!

... -- Design And Performance Lab -- DAP-Lab is a cross-media lab exploring convergences between performance, telematics, textile/fashion design and movement, clothing and choreography, film/photography and interactive design.
Founded in 2004, the Lab is now housed at Brunel University and continues research partnerships with multiple sites in the USA, Japan, and Brasil which have formed the ADaPT network on performance telematics since 2000. It also connects ongoing research investigations and productions in dance (Digital Cultures) with performance/science collaborations (TransNet), and brings these partnerships into knowledge transfer with performance, multimedia and electronics engineering research at Brunel University's School of Arts and School of Engineering and Design (BITlab) and at Nottingham Trent University's School of Art and Design (Fashion).


some texts/files/links in Research directory.

... Arts & Engineering?! [ arts & science together again! ]

Philosophy Statement [ ... ]

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"Digital Media Center"

minimum and maximum [ proposals ]


... "Digital Media Lab, a collaborative effort between ITC & the UVa Library, offers equipment and support for the digitization and editing of images, sound and video. DML staff assist students with digital projects and help faculty prepare electronic course materials."

* "Media Services and the Advanced Technology Laboratory"?
-- equipment kits -- library? [ Art and JB? ]


sources/references: list - links ... The Digital Media Center's resources serve the graduate students of School of the Arts, allowing students to develop new aesthetic directions in their work. The Center is an affirmation of Columbia University's dedication to providing a creative and intellectual center for artistic achievement using emerging technologies.
The Digital Media Center provides training in 3-D modeling, graphic design, physical computing, motion graphics, programming, sound editing, video editing, video effects, web animation, and web design. Facilities and instruction are geared primarily to the needs of students in the Film and Visual Arts divisions.


The Digital Performance Institute produces new media performance works and encourages dialogue about the intersection of technology and performance.
DPI is a project of The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre, known for its use of cutting edge technologies to promote formal innovation in the theatre.


... How not to lose what we have -- Live Theatre ?

Research vs. Teaching ? Define "research"!

service and/or academics : Theatre, Film and Video Production (College of Arts and Media?!)
online classes --
The Art of Film * X20 (3 semester units in Film Studies) Learn the techniques of evaluating and appreciating films. Surveying a range of classic and modern works, you learn to recognize what makes a well-crafted motion picture, discover how motion pictures are made, and investigate current film theories. Topics include the handling of space and time in motion pictures, the history and uses of sound, editing, performance, directing, narrative style, screenwriting, and film theory. You are responsible for renting and viewing films as part of this course.

International market ? online students -- tuition issue
... web2.0 as part of the Center Activities?

minor : name for the second stage -- Barestage ... "Backstage Theatre"

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