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... I feel like a spider, the thread comes out my brain, no net is left here. Only the web, the cyber space.

How much blood is left in me?

Too many places!

I have to re-think my web plans as well.

Is it possible that this is the end of my public life?

... No?

Bitter? Yes?

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... instead of memo(s):

I am not sure anymore that Summer Session should be with UAF. I am leaving it, becuase my presence here became not productive, but, in fact, conter-productive. I feel that I should do long before 2009. Why to continue the affiliation? Too many things already are wrong, and getting worse -- I better look for another place for the Theatre Abroad program.

Perhaps, 2010 summer was too optimistic, or even -- should I think about it at all?

Which U. is the right one?


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{ 2009 : transition year }

2010 summer session ?

... "transition" to where?

Performance Abroad class

... Advertising -- Fall 2009

... I don't have to think. I am reacting only.

What if there is no Ethiopia ahead, but the troubles?



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