11.21.08 : Looks like I have to get to MY textbooks, if I want to teach in Addis Ababa. Teatr Lul Academe


Ethiopian Theatre ? Summer Session in Ethiopia



First class for Ethiopians -- acting one with AAU ?





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TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + american age + space + time + chronotope + direct + event theory + present + sex + past + marxism + shows +
To get through the same scene and monologue on all three levels; BioMethod, Biomechanics and System. The different technologues, but also we can't get everything in the first round (Acting I)...

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Oh, the textbooks proved to be more difficult animals than I expected. I am not even sure that keep writing them help my live classes; I am experimenting with topics and new subjects and confuse my students.
BioMX Forum

They are killing me, the textbooks!

See Publish: the most developed web-textbooks projects -- Biomechanics, StageMatrix, System of the Method, Playscript Analysis of the Century.

Since I work the textbooks from the web, the web-version is bigger and the books will be supported by the web.

I want to have CDs to accompany the print copies. [Text-only Directories will be @ Ant Theatre and GeoAlaska]

The class-syllabus is enclosed (Appendix) in each webtextbook.

See listing for titles!

Make polls to see the reactions.

Should the organization of the textbooks rely on the class structure?

In order to get rid of the endless notes, I opened Research directory and will place the cuts there; the texts that do not belong to textbooks.

There are several stages ahead. First, I have to go over the printed copies -- and see what is missing.

Second, I have to try the new principle of narrative: Stanislavsky and Meyerhold (to see if this style, the dialogues, will work).

Third, a lot of work with the apparatus; dictionary, notes, index, bibliography.

I have to leave the class structure, including the homework section. Some files are big (chapters), some small -- must be combined together? Which ones to drop?

Time is another problem. I fear to send my proposals, because I do not know my year ahead.

2007 astore theatre-20 * Theatre w/Anatoly Mailing List: get on!


I hope that you understand -- most likely I will never finish any of the books-in-progress.


How even to access the new ways of teaching? There is a definite disbalance between the hours I put into web and the return...

The structure (acts and scenes, not chapters), the characters (Master, Teacher) and the style of writing ("leadder") should hold all the textbooks together!


Meyerhold @ Work *
"eGroups" and other electronic additions to my live classes benefit cyber-studewnts, not my UAF students. The webpages take my attentions away from the classroom. The expected feedback to my own process or the class work from the readers is not working...


Theatre Books *

textbook in Stagematrix

film directing

film analysis


questions to ask yourself:

A. Overall goals--What do I want to know and be able to do upon completion of my program?

B. Specific learning goals--What are my specific objectives?

C. Sequence of learning activities and documentation--What learning activities are required for me to meet my goals?

Learning Without Instructors

Autodidacticism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

theatre directing group

2007 directing class


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What this page is doing in Theatre Theory directory? First, the page is a leftover from the "online portfolio"... Second, I am spending too much time on those textbooks. And I am not happy with the process or results. I still didn't get to the full texts stage -- and I do not like that pages become "textbooks"... I think that the textbooks should be like any other good books full of questions, not short-cut answers. I have questions about every subject -- why shouldn't I share them with my students. As if the texts are for tests and exams... Wrong. Especially, in theatre.

Aristotle didn't write "The Poetics" as textbook -- and look, we study it for over thousand years! That's the ticket.

See Theatre Biomechanics & Method

They (notes) are done online and I continue editing and writing; there are many errors and missing parts...

2007 --

First, God created idiots.
That was just for practice.
Then He created school boards.
Mark Twain

I began to orginize web-directories on different subjects (classes) and they all got too many pages to leave them as my notes only. I like the process, it helps me with the actual classes. Although I still use the textbooks (hard copies), more and more I refer my student to my webpages. And of course, you, the surfers, can use them as well.

The textbooks online do not follow the actual class schedule, I try to make them self-contained, so anybody can use them without being in my class.

For example, this very directory is to organize as a web-book on Theatre Theory (not yet, not right away). Performance (acting), Directing, Drama Analysis (some semiotics)...

In short, I try to move in here everything that I do not require my students to know for tests and exams.

For updates come back during the summer (2003), the only time when I have time to do real writing.
Even after two years of working on Biomechanics pages, the book isn't ready. How long will it take?

Who knows?

Next: showcases
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Virtual Theatre w/Anatoly

Venice Carnival 2002 & DJ 2003 The pages in "Theatre Theory" directory are supposed to be for my reflections (at least), but I am chasing my own shadow -- I have no time to reflect, I have no time even to stop. There are so many issues I need to address, but all I can do is to flesh out the content pages (classes). I can go back to "production notes" directories (the shows I did, "Don Juan" on the left). To sort out what belongs to students and what to my own system (something I have to think about). The nature of comedy, for example. Even how can I use Moliere in my classes is not clear (I have a master-file, a book, which is not online). It could be a wonderful case-study...

ShowCases: shows.vtheatre.net
"theater is life, film is art, television is furniture." -unknown

Genres ShowCases: Hamlet (tragedy), Mikado (opera), 12th Night (comedy), Dangerous Liaisons (drama)

You can throw away the privilege of acting, but that would be such a shame. The tribe has elected you to tell its story. You are the shaman/healer, that's what the storyteller is, and I think it's important for actors to appreciate that. Too often actors think it's all about them, when in reality it's all about the audience being able to recognize themselves in you. The more you pull away from the public, the less power you have on screen. --Ben Kingsley

ShowCases: shows.vtheatre.net
"Acting is not a state of being ... but a state of appearing to be. You can't be eight times a week without going stark staring mad. You've got to be in control." --Noel Coward

... see Theatre History chapter! Theatre History

"The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life." --Oscar Wilde Total Directing Up-level

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