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Backwards and Forwards: A Technical Manual for Reading Plays by David Ball; Southern Illinois University Press, 1983 : - Part One: Shape - 1: What Happens That Makes Something Else Happen? - 2: And What Happens Next? - 3: But Do It Backwards - 4: Stasis and Intrusion - 5: Obstacle, Conflict - 6: Ignorance is Bliss (or: the Very Cause of Everyone's Lunacy About Hamlet) - 7: Things Theatrical - Part Two: Methods - 8: Exposition - 9: Forwards: Hungry for Next - 10: Missing Persons (character) - 11: Image - 15: Families - 16: Generalities: Mood, Atmosphere - 17: The Unique Factor - 18: Changing Eras - 19: Climax - 20: Beginnings/Endings - 21: Rereading - 22: What Next?
Acting One
Fundamentals : BioMethod

This is the biggest listing on my Theatre Books pages (old).

Since this is general list, I can't write my subject comments, but I can feature some of the books on this page.

Go Shakespeare (I direct Twelfth Night in the Spring'2000).

Mamet is good.

In Directors, Actors, Writers section --
Artuad, Peter Brook books, Brecht, Grotowski...

Schechner's titles...

If you are a director, or if you serious about theatre -- Meyerhold.
All and each on this list!

Stanislavsky? Maybe a better choice is about Stanislavsky, than Stanislavsky's books (badly written).

If you saw other book pages, you realize that my selections reflect my interests; there are many other sites with bigget and better listings. I did it to have "book pages" -- each big theatre site should have such pages.

Amazon takes care of the rest, all quuestions are to them.


I plan to establish a fund for Russian Theatre and specifically for new Russian playwrights.

This is my project for after Y2K -- I'll place the ads on my educational pages and will use the commissions for the Fund.

Our family sites Sellassie Cyber University do the same for Ethiopia and Diaspora, you can read about it, but it doesn't look that Russia will get on her feet any time soon.

You can read more about Russian American Theatre (RAT) project -- 1992-94. They needed support then and they need it now.

Read Freedman's articles for Moscow Times on Russian Theatre today and Russia's writers for stage.

Read -- and write back!

There are some repetitions, but I have no time to fix all the book pages.

Unlikely the listing will be updated any time soon. To keep with the new titles, see NEW BOOKS page. August, 1999


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Theatre Bookshelf

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All section are links to the subject web papers. Also, use other Book pages from,See Music & Video Pages

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Stage Management 
by Lawrence Stern
covers all aspects and provides useful resources in the form of graphs, schedules, etc.

An Annotated Dictionary of Technical, Historical, and Stylistic Terms Relating to Theatre and Drama: A Handbook of Dramaturgy
by R. Kerry White
for any serious student or practitioner of the theatre.

Elegantly Frugal Costumes! : The Poor Man's Do-It-Yourself Costume Maker's Guide
by Shirley Dearing
For the design and construction of low cost costumes, see Costumer Manifesto

Handbook of Scenery, Properties, and Lighting : Scenery and Props (1)
Handbook of Scenery, Properties, and Lighting : Scenery and Props (2)
by Harvey Sweet
Essential additions to the school or departmental library.

The Phaidon Theatre Manuals
a useful resource on most aspects of technical theatre production.
Costume and Make Up - Michael Holt
Directing a Play - Michael McCaffery
Lighting and Sound - Neil Fraser
Stage Design and Properties - Michael Holt
Stage Management and Theatre Administration - Pauline Menear

Between Theater and Anthropology by Richard Schechner
Environmental Theater (The Applause Acting Series) by Richard Schechner
The Future of Ritual : Writings on Culture and Performance by Richard Schechner
The Grotowski Sourcebook (Worlds of Performance) - Richard Schechner [ed]

Performance Theory by Richard Schechner
End of Humanism : Writings on Performance by Richard Schechner

Games for Actors and Non-Actors by Augusto Boal
A Dictionary of Theatre Anthropology : The Secret Art of the Performer by Eugenio Barba et al
The Paper Canoe : A Guide to Theatre Anthropology by Eugenio Barba
Beyond the Floating Islands by Eugenio Barba
Towards a Third Theatre : Eugenio Barba and the Odin Teatret by Ian Watson

The Empty Space by Peter Brook
An Actor Adrift by Yoshi Oida
The Shifting Point : 1946-1987 by Peter Brook
Conference of the Birds
A Year With Swollen Appendices by Brian Eno

Peter Greenaway : Museums and Moving Images by David Pascoe

Peter Greenaway: Architecture and Allegory by Bridget Elliot and Anthony Purdy

At Work With Grotowski on Physical Actions by Thomas Richards
Grotowski's Objective Drama Research (Performance Studies Series) by Lisa Wolford
Theatre of Grotowski by Jennifer Kumiega
Towards a Poor Theatre by Jerzy Grotowski

Julie Taymor, Playing With Fire : Theater Opera Film

Robert Wilson's Vision (Book and Disk) by Trevor J. Fairbrother 

On Robert Wilson'a Production Site Watermill by Robert Wilson

The Theatre of Images : Pandering to the Masses : A Misrepresentation, a Letter for Queen Victoria, the Red Horse Animation (Paj Books) by Richard Foreman

Breaking the Rules : The Wooster Group by David Savran 

Actors and Onlookers : Theater and Twentieth-Century Scientific Views of Nature by Natalie Crohn Schmitt 

The Actor's Way by Erik Exe Christoffersen

Break Out! in Search of New Theatrical Environments by James Erwin Schevill 

A Journey Through Other Spaces : Essays and Manifestos, 1944-1990 by Tadeusz Kantor

Joseph Chaikin : Exploring at the Boundaries of Theater by Eileen Blumenthal 

Robert Wilson by Franco Quadri

Robert Wilson and His Collaborators by Lawrence Shyer 

The Joint Stock Book : The Making of a Theatre Collective (Methuen Theatrefile) by Rob Ritchie (Editor) 

The Theatre of Visions : Robert Wilson (The Original Theatre of the City of New York. from the Mid-60s to the Mid-70S, Book 1) by Stefan Brecht 

Robert Lepage : Connecting Flights by Robert Lepage

An Actor Prepares by Constantine Stanislavski 
An Actor's Handbook; An Alphabetical Arrangement of Concise Statements on Aspects of Acting. By Constantin Stanislavski 
Building a Character by Constantin Stanislavski 
Building a Character by Stanislavski
Creating a Role Stanislavski
My Life in Art by Constantin Stanislavski 
Stanislavski on Opera by Constantin Stanislavski
Creating a Stanislavski 
Stanislavski by Jean Benedetti / Published 1988 

Brecht on Theatre

The Rainbow of Desire : The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy by Augusto Boal

Theatre of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal 

Meyerhold : A Revolution in Theatre (Studies in Theatre History and Culture) by Edward Braun 

Meyerhold at Work Paul Schmidt (Translator)

Vsevolod Meyerhold (Directors in Perspective) by Robert Leach 

Meyerhold and His Set Designers (American University Studies XX : Fine Arts) by Marjorie L. Hoover 

Meyerhold the Director by Konstantin Rudnitsky 

Meyerhold's Theatre of the Grotesque; The Post-Revolutionary Productions, 1920-1932 by James M., Symons 

Meyerhold, Eisenstein and Biomechanics : Actor Training in Revolutionary Russia by Alma H. Law, Mel Gordon 

The Theater of Meyerhold and Brecht (Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies, No 19) by Katherine Bliss Eaton 

Meyerhold on Theatre. By Vsevolod EmilEvich, MeIerkholD 

You can also send a gift certificate.

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