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Showcase Ideas

I started eBooks page, because I was keeping my notes for the classes I teach and the shows I direct. It was almost five years ago. I still do it. Now I call those directories "ebooks" because they are organized as books, but when they will become real books, I don't know.
"ShowCases" -- because I want my students (directors and actors) to see the entire process a director goes through from the conception to the show (and after-the-show experience, director as critic). Anatoly 2003


Virtual Theatre w/Anatoly
For a while I'm keep my production notes online (see SHOWS directory), hoping that they can be usefull not only during the rehearsal process, but as showcases for students. Well, the same with my class notes -- and looks like now the two are about to merge. Method Acting for Directors and Theatre Biomechanics each will have Part V -- a play and its practical analysis. Biomechanics -- 12th Night and Mikado (comedy), Method -- The Three Sisters (drama).

The third ebook "Stagematrix: Theatre Directing" -- Hamlet

Teaching never ends....

I don't know, when and if I will be working on Thr413 Playscript Analysis or my film courses, I even don't know how long will take me to intergate the SHOW and the CLASSES in some usefull manner. One problem is that two of the etextbooks (BM and Method) are intended for actors and directors). Second -- it's mid summer 2002 and I don't think I can finish the three before the Fall.

I would like to mantain the formal structure for all of them (5 Acts = 5 Parts) and the same evolution: play > character > scenes > play. And -- play > themes > monologues > scenes > play. This is the new approach in SCRIPT directory. [Should I use the "character pages" in SHOWS directories and integrate them into courses? I'm afraid to confuse myself and everybody else.]

Hamlet, for instance -- for directors. (I lost the online pages, you have to get yourself a book). They, the students, have to go to the SCRIPT directory first (composition, definitions, Aristotle and so on)... also, I ask them to read the acting pages (prerequisite for a directing class)... this is not the way people behaive online!

They will never find their way back...

Web-Shows and Theory

Must read vTheatre Files!
Fall 2004: The Possessed -- this directory was a sleeper. The Devils (Demons) by Dostoevsky is from long wish list. After 9/11 it moved to my short list. It took me two years to get to the show. Or should I say to a new script? As if Camus's adaptaion of Dostoevsky wasn't enough!

Thew things I changed right away: the names, the stage directions, the cuts (I cut the play in half). And the new scenes...

Oh, the web-shows, it's still sweet dreams. So much work -- the preproduction is three times longer. The scripts much be original (or in public domain), the post-production... I have no time for post-production; when I done with one show I have to start working on another! Virtual Theatre still is virtual...

So far, it's more like my online portfolio.



WWWilde Directory : I thought that I will be using it for my postmodern theories.... Comedy! I am using it for my Fundamentals of Acting Class -- BioMethod!

See SHOWS subdirectories!


This is something else. Webmaster? You're better to be a master to control the speed of light!
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Genres ShowCases: Hamlet (tragedy), Mikado (opera), 12th Night (comedy), Dangerous Liaisons (drama)

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