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3. Epic Theatre Theory -- ... Bertolt Brecht was already an established playwright of international stature when he completed and published his Short Organum in 1948. He was a recognized iconoclast whose plays and theatrical statements took exception to the prevailing theatre of realism. He had advocated in his many observations radical changes in the form and aesthetic of the theatre and, because he was particularly concerned with the manner in which audiences perceived and experienced a play, he was necessarily concerned about acting. His views toward the actor and acting expressed in the Short Organum were met with violent opposition from supporters of the Stanistavsky system, while they were embraced by some who clearly failed to grasp critical aspects of Brecht's admittedly underdeveloped manifesto. [Playwrights and Acting: Acting Methodologies for Brecht, Ionesco, Pinter, and Shepard Book by James H. McTeague; Greenwood Press, 1994]


"To understand Bertolt Brecht's personality it is perhaps best to talk first about his disguises. In the 1920's, the time of Brecht great successes -- Die Dreigroschenoper ( The Threepenny Opera) and Hauspostille ( Manual of Piety) -- it was easy to spot him in Berlin if one wanted to. He was always fully masqueraded: his costume consisted of an old, dark, close-fitting, well-worn jacket of soft leather like a motorcyclist's or a truck driver's, yet underneath he wore an expensive silk shirt which only men of substantial income could afford. Never missing was the cap favored by the proletarian of 1920 or the football coach of today. His head was usually shaved like a convict's or a basic trainee's. But most curious was a pair of steel-rimmed glasses which could hardly be bought in Berlin any more at that time -- the kind a schoolteacher from some provincial town might have worn. When Brecht wished to read, he would carefully take these glasses from their case, clean them, slip them over his ears, and, after the reading, just as carefully replace them in his breast pocket." Bert Brecht by Joseph Fabry, Willy Haas, Max Knight; Frederick Ungar Publishing, 1970

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Eisenstein Rediscovered
Book by Ian Christie, Richard Taylor; Routledge, 1993. 260 pgs.
Part I: Eisenstein Studies Today: Text and Context Chapter 1: Arguments and Ancestors Chapter 2: Jay Leyda and Bezhin Meadow Chapter 3: Eisenstein's Early Films Abroad Chapter 4: Recent Eisenstein Texts Part II: Eisenstein's Roots Chapter 5: Eisenstein and Russian Symbolist Culture Chapter 6: Eisenstein's Theatre Work Chapter 7: Eisenstein's Pushkin Project Chapter 8: Eisenstein and Shakespeare Chapter 9: Graphic Flourish Part III: The Practice of Theory Chapter 10: Eisenstein as Theoretician Preliminary Considerations Chapter 11: The Essential Bone Structure Mimesis in Eisenstein Chapter 12: Eisenstein and the Theory of 'Models'; Or, How to Distract the Spectator's Attention Chapter 13: Eisenstein and the Theory of the Photogram Chapter 14: The Frame and Montage in Eisenstein's 'Later' Aesthetics
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Epic Theatre:

Epic theatre, also known as theatre of alienation or theatre of politics, is a theatre movement arising in the early to mid-20th century, inextricably linked to the German playwright Bertolt Brecht. Though many of the concepts involved in epic theatre had been around for years, even centuries, Brecht unified them, developed the style, and popularised it. It is sometimes referred to as Brechtian acting, although its principles apply equally to the writing and production of plays. "Its qualities of clear description and reporting and its use of choruses and projections as a means of commentary earned it the name 'epic'."[1] Brecht later favoured the term dialectic theatre, to emphasize the element of argument and discussion. [w]

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