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How did I use Commedia in my shows?


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Italian Insitute in Addis Ababa

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Summer 2010 : "Ethiopian Shrew" Take 2 ? [director's files]
commedia and biomechanics [ actor without director and playwright ]

teatr.us -- commedia in Addis : mini-version : Pete, Kate, Grumio [one-act]



Georggio Streller in RU

Ethio folk tale and LUL Rep.

children theatre & commedia [Pinoccio show]

Don Juan -- Moliere (my cut)


... Ancient Greeks believed that dancing was invented by the Gods and therefore they had associated it with their religious and worshipping ceremonies. They believed that the Gods offered this gift to some select mortals only, who in turn taught dancing to their fellow-men. Greek mythology attributes the origin of dancing to Rea who taught this art to Kourites in Crete. Kronos had dethroned his father Uranus. Since he was afraid that he might also be dethroned by his own children, he was eating them as soon as they were born. His wife Rea, however, deceived Kronos when their last child Zeus was born. She hid Zeus in a dark cave in Crete and instead, she gave a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes to Kronos to eat. She also asked Kourites, who were armed half-gods, to dance a war dance around the cave, shouting and striking their shields with their swords, so that Kronos would not hear baby Zeus crying. When later Zeus dethroned his father, Kourites became the priests in the new world. Their decedents continued these war dances as part of their religious ceremonies.

Movement Theatre and Caligari

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Genres ShowCases: Hamlet (tragedy), Mikado (opera), 12th Night (comedy), Dangerous Liaisons (drama)

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