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The future influences the present just as much as the past. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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No matter what I do, I'm years away from the books. The summer is gone and I do not have a single first draft! For a single textbook! I thought that it is an easy walk...

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Featured Pages: Russian Theatre & Dodin

See Russian-American Theatre Project 1992-94 (RAT)

Also, I made "Russian additions" (cyrilic) to Write directory, if I am about to continue webbing from Moscow.

Prof. Anatoly Antohin
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Theatre UAF
Fairbanks AK 99775
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I only hope that I will get the webpages to this "critical mass" level! And the only hope I have to turn the pages into textbooks is to work on texts while I teach the class. Maybe next semester I would have the printed versions on reserve at the Library. (Dream on!)


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The biomechanics files go back to 1991 -- and I am still working!




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Oh, the dreams! The things I wanted to do, the things are not done... and some will never be done.
2000 and 2001

Writing: First -- SELF, then POV or PostAmeriKa


SPRING UAF. Teaching: THR331 Fundamentals of Directing, THR221 Intermediate Acting Biomechanics and Dangerous Liaisons: Spring 2002

Summer 2002? Moscow? Maybe the winter break?

Publishing: Web versions of the books, print -- GeoAlaska



New banners will take you to updated directories! Acting: Biomechanics for Actors and Method Acting for Directors, Film Studies and Film Directing, Script Analysis and Dramatic Literature, my scripts and my shows...


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Since I do teach, my deadlines are set up for me (you can check my Yahoo calendar). If I won't do the major part of my writing in the summer, I am in trouble: in Sept. I star the classes, audtions, productions -- and until the Xmas and the winter break not much time is left for research, even for reading.

The same with the webpages; the pages for the classes I teach grow, the rest is in waiting.


First, I am looking for another job. Not really. So, I used this directory as theory (instead of my portfolio).

Second, I have to finish the writing projects. Not all of them; there are too many, but to have a list of priorities with some deadlines.

My nonfiction is difficult to market and impossible to sell, therefore the textbooks have to go first. This is also not that simple. They all are in different stage of readiness. Some are more developed, because I teach my classes using those webpages, some are closer to my heart, some are more marketable.


1. Writing projects: 2002 Russian Pages

2. Virtual Theatre

3. Directing: Spring 2003 Don Juan by Moliere.

HyperDrama: TRINITY

Three shows at the same time in three locations and three languages

2002 Post Mortem:

TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + american age + space + time + chronotope + direct + event theory + present + sex + past + marxism + shows +
Godot photo-tour:

2006: Total Directing
Total Directing Up-level

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