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Part I

I still struggle with the different world I learn to see in POV and our mortal language. How do I describe the place which does not know time?
Bad Theories, Wrong Subjects

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Part III. The Workers

Fedorov: Божественное откровение закончено, и должно начаться человеческое дело.

A lot of quotes in Russian. "The divine business is over, now it's time for humans to work"...

We do. Together -- web and so on.

Now, it's time for you to work. On yourself, your immortality.

I know it's not easy.

... After the travel back through the memories of generation before me, after the arrival to Adam and Eve, there is a path back to the Genesis of the God's Thought about the World. Oh, yes, I remember it too!

I have no time to finish it...

Perhaps, I put too much on my plate, sort of speak. I needed to present everything from today way back to the big bang -- and to do it as a woman! I thought that doing it as woman could help me to write about being an animal, being a bird, a fish, a tree, a stone -- somothing I need to express in order for you to understand the technology. In order for us to understand that what we are and especially what we about to be cannot be understood without bring back theology. Oh well, maybe this is above my head...

If you look again at my original plan on title page, you can see that I was (dead) serious. There were three parts: The Work, The Working and The Workers. I thought that this break down makes perfect sense, explaining the essense of technology and we should understand it as theology... Except, I didn't touch the "why" issue -- why do we needed it? This is how the whole story with being a woman and giving birth to Father-God under the name of resurrection came about. now I am completely lost, my friends. But I had to talk about the Age of Holy Ghost, who is a female in nature, and I had to talk about about this female nature too -- how elase can I get to the point "why" we are doing it?

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Webman's Diary: I see the world through the screen, the invisible wall between me and everything outside. This is a description of hell. The sunny day, the blue sky, the mountains... but I can't touch them. I can grab the fist of snow and see it melting in my hand, but the distance is still there, I feel the secret line between me and the world...

Fedorov, I quote so often (in Russian), doesn't write about the feelings after the resurrection, about being gods, about this distance from everything, about the new degree of solitute which comes with the final reunification of everything...

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