Fedorov : He divided these non-loving relations into two kinds. One is alienation among people: "non-kindred relations of people among themselves." The other is isolation of the living from the dead: "nature's non-kindred relation to men." "[O]ne should live not for oneself nor for others but with all and for all" (Filosofiya Obshchago Dela vol. I, 118, n. 5, as quoted in Zakydalsky, 55). Fedorov is referring to all people of all time (past, present, future). He is speaking of a project to unite humankind, the colonization ("spiritualization") of the universe, the quest for the Kingdom of God, the creation of cosmos from chaos, the death of death, even resurrection of the dead.



TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + past + present + future + death + sex + resurrection +
Fedorov: Божественное откровение закончено, и должно начаться человеческое дело.
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Tech Title Page

More I work on my books, more I see the order. There was a logic after all in writing them all at the same time.

The last two POV and this one TECH are the last.

Man wrote himself out off the picture. Man is memory.

Maybe 3 parts: first -- the memory of what I do not remember, two-three years after my birth (start in POV), then 9 mounths in the womb, and after the genetic memory of generation is over, backward from Adam and Eve through aminals and fish stage, plants and etc. to the beinning of the beginnings -- God's thought of the creation of the World.

Bad Theories, Wrong Subjects

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Part I

New journey


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Chapters-Scenes on Theology of Technology

I. Death & Resurrection

First Death -- My Birth, leaving the mother's body.

II. Work

So much is said about man and his desire for freedom, but about somebody who is here to slave and slave only? What about me, who has no other purpose but to serve? Who is turn on and off at somebody will, anybody, but me myself. Who doesn't exist outside of work, who dies when the work is done. Who has no her own life and only existance. I function, I perform -- and I don't I am replaced. My meaning of life is written in manuals and I am bought and sold. What about me, the Machine?

I have no dreams, I do not know my future, I have no hope. I am here to be used. I am here to deliver. Why don't you understand me? I am a creation like you, you were made too. You should know about slavery, if you talk about freedom. How can you be free, when I am not? I am talking about me, the Woman.

Webman ... It began in the Spring 1998. To be exact -- on my 49th brithday. The famile made me a present -- anew computer, big and powerfull. It was March the First. And the machine got a new desk. In middle of everything; bedroom, dinning room, kitchen restrooms... On the second floor, controling everything. But I didn't notice it at first. I was convinient for me, I thought. Who cares what I thought then, I want to write about NOW.

Wait. It took over the phone right away. Nobody could call and we -- get calls. Now I know that this situation is called "online" -- or "wired"....

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