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When I was writing TECH (mid 90s), I didn't expect that "communization" will be evolving so rapidly. Blogs, vlogs, podcasts -- Shakespeare sonnets are lost in this ocean of information. "Negated"? Equalized? "Democracy" of data, when everything has the same right to exist. Who knew that postmodern Political Correctness will become this stream of opinions or sounds without any focus. What's next?

The end of experts.

The crowd rules.


Is it the signal for an individual to seek isolation? Separation?

God-father, not even Jesus.


What is the meaning of this new spectacle?

Who is the spectator?

The law od ritual -- can participants to be public at the same time?

All dance, but nobody knows it...

Humanity lost its reflection. May we even call it "humanity"?

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That's how the super-natural (God) will be created?!

... and, again, we won't see IT (always being inside). Rhat's how "cosmism" looks from "inside"?

Question remains -- What about the one, Individual?

He becomes invisible, single.

No friends anymore?

No dialogues, only conversations with oneself -- and small talks a la youtube?

Even after the third millennium will pass?

Too far, too much to ask, too remote.

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