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Directing majors are a special breed and once ina while you get a student who is real graduate "material." Tracy Campbell is such a case.

I know her quite well as a student -- and a student in the most agvanced undergraduate classes such as THR 413 Playscript Analysis, THR 423 Advanced Directing and THR 380 Film & Video Directing and she always impressed me with the quality of her papers and projects and her active attitude in classroom.

As a result Tracy proved herself as a very active student-director, as you can see it from her resume. What is important that she goes through the full cycle of directorial concept development; she began to talk about "Miss July" in class, a year before she actually got into a production. And she knows stage show from many angles, including the producing aspect, because her serious involvement with the Student Drama Association and student-directed seasons of "Winter Shorts."

To give just one example, regarding Tracy Campbell's academic progress, I refer to her TA experience in core THR 200X Aesthetics class I taught for the Honors Program. What a pleasure it was to have her as an assitance! I glad that the entire class shared the same enthusiam, which was reflected in the student evaluations.

Her real life and professional TV experience was very helpful in my experimentation with the Virtual Theatre productions, when Tracy worked as a camera person, video editor and a liason between the crew and actors. This is a new area, which requires working knowledge both theatre and film, in addtion to computers and multi-media.

I highly recommend Tracy Campbell to any good graduate school and professional production group. She is ready for new challenges. There is a great potential in her.

If you need more information, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Anatoly G. Anatohin
Assoc. Professor
Theatre UAF
University of Alaska Fairbanks
AK 99775 USA