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Sean Bledsoe

Letter of Recommendation for Sean Bledsoe
Feb. 17, 2001

Sean Bledsoe graduated as a theatre major with emphasis in film from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in May of 1998. His thesis was a short feature film, which he wrote, directed, filmed, and edited by himself. This work was recognized by the Fairbanks Film Festival in 1999 for its outstanding cinematography. A copy of the video is available.

Sean also directed several one-act live shows for "Winter Shorts" as a part of the Student Drama Association and the Theatre UAF season. The most impressive was "The Line," by Israel Horowitz, a difficult script requiring improvisational work with actors. Sean's attached resume helps to demonstrate more of the well-done and original artistic work he has been involved in. I was his academic advisor and I can say that his artistic projects have been balanced with a strong academic background in film and theatre.

Sean Bledsoe was in many of my classes. Some were very advanced courses, such as Playscript Analysis. Sean has the writing and analytical skills required for graduate school. For his papers and film projects he did extensive research and I advised him to continue his education on the gradual level. Sean has always been a fast paced learner and you can see that he already has professional experience in radio and TV. He is currently finishing a degree in Journalism/Broadcasting.

Bledsoe was one of the originators of the UAF Film Club, a new student organization on campus. Also, he is involved in the Virtual Theatre productions as a member of the film crew. We used video streaming technology for webcasting Chekhov's "Three Sisters" and live shooting of a live show requiring practical knowledge of both film and stage direction. In addition, I asked Sean to do the sound for several my own mainstage shows.

Sean took several graduate classes on our campus, but I am glad that he desided to go to a film school to complete his education. I am glad that he is to study in a film program with the emphases on independent and experimental filmmaking; that is where his interests are.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.


Anatoly Antohin
Theatre UAF
Associate Professor
Director and Film Program Coordinator
Fairbanks AK 99775

907-474-7754 (0)