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sample(s): Temple University in India :

Term: Summer [model, sample]
Dates: May 20-June 19, 2008 (tentative)

Description: The Temple University in India summer program, based in the medieval town of Dhrangadhra in Gujarat, is intended to investigate Indian civilization through an anthropological study of its religious and artistic traditions, both ancient and contemporary. Upper level undergraduate students and graduate students may apply.

The mode of study is highly experiential and combines workshops, field trips and short apprenticeships. Each student conducts an independent field research project, focusing on an area of particular interest. Study is supervised by Dr. Jayasinhji Jhala, associate professor of anthropology at Temple University, whose lectures supplement the curriculum. Local academics, performers of art, music, theater, painting, sculpture, and religious leaders also address and instruct the students.

As this is an experiential learning opportunity, students with technical skills such as video making and photography; studio skills such as painting, sculpture and jewelry making; or performance skills in dance, music, theater or yoga, are encouraged to apply.

Subject Areas :
Religious Studies
Visual Arts

Cost in US$: Approximately $4100-6500

Cost Include Description:

Tuition: PA Resident $2382; Non-resident $4008
India Fee: $1700
Tuition: PA Resident $3066; Non-resident $4476
India Fee: $1500

The India fee includes housing, meals and local travel.

Please note that program costs are subject to change.

Experience Required: no

Participants Travel to India Independently

Application Process Involves:

Letters of Reference Other
Written Application

Temple University's Mission Statement: The Temple University International Programs office is responsible for administering Temple-sponsored study abroad programs; advising Temple students on study abroad program and scholarship opportunities; serving as a liaison between the main campus and our campuses in Rome and Tokyo, acting as a resource for the Temple University community on matters concerning international education, and responding to increasing interest in international activities on the part of Temple students and faculty. We continue to develop and strengthen the international education programs that help Temple students attain a global perspective. We recognize that today, more than ever, the world demands that students understand other countries and how they are linked together. We are committed to the notion that through international education, Temple students enrich their general education, acquire knowledge and experience for their later professional success, and develop life skills needed to become competent and engaged global citizens.

... similar lead from U. of Alaska mission statement about Global Initiative.

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Summer Program 3 : 6 : 9 credits [ morning, afternoon and night 3 hour modals ]


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Merry Ethiopian Christmas (two week later) and... Happy New Year, again! Ethiopian New Year took place in Sept.

Year of 2002 !

When you 're on Ethiopian time, you are seven years younger.


I'll be updating 9.11.2009 presentation, AA Ethiopia: Ethiopian New Year.

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