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If you read my writing or saw my paintings, you know that the Resurrection Idea is the core of everything I do. I consider resurrection as a process which we go through today. That is my definition for so-called postmodern world.
A century ago this page should be done as a manifesto, but it's too late for visions of the future -- we live it.
Read about philosophy and theology behind our technology. New Century and Next Millennium is the time of resurrection.
Our "Will To Power" has collective and individual forms -- we are not dreaming anymore, we are doing it.
You know what was said about Resurrection, take a closer look at HOW we make it. Our world, our values, our goals are not of the mortals.
Is there a death after the resurrection? Did you hear about Second Death?

Virtual Theatre

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... The third quality is that of "agility", by which the body shall be freed from its slowness of motion, and endowed with the capability of moving with the utmost facility and quickness wherever the soul pleases. The Apostle says: "It is sown in weakness, it shall rise in power" (I Cor., xv, 43).
There are several pages/chapters I do not know how to introduce. This is one of them. Should I send you to read Theology of Technology to grasp the concept of resurrection? But the book isn't finished. Or to read Theology of Theatre file? There is another crazy page -- Double, including the drawing from Dante's Divine Comedy... How could bridge our objectivist views with the mysteries of theatre, with the rituals hidden within each spectacle?

Resurrection? You are not serious? The problem is that I am serious.

Joseph Campbell wrote about it, centuries of religious thought -- as if we forgot it all. We talk nonsense about "entertainment" -- and Iant to speak about the philosophy of act, communial and spiritual essense of so-called "theatre"...

Maybe some other time...

... The fourth quality is "subtility", by which the body becomes subject to the absolute dominion of the soul. This is inferred from the words of the Apostle: "It is sown a natural body, it shall rise a spiritual body" (I Cor., xv, 44). The body participates in the soul's more perfect and spiritual life to such an extent that it becomes itself like a spirit.

dramatic expirience...

and film... plus web...

= Virtual Theatre!

I have my old age answer why I do theatre. Never mind, that I stage thoughts and feelings of somebody who is dead for centuries (of course, I stage my own feelings and thoughts while doing it), I bring on stage those fictious characters and ask my actors to believe -- I am Hamlet, I am Ophelia...

What is it? Madness? Miracle is the break of the dictatoship of the normal. Hamlet exist. Do I care that he never lived? How many of them who lived and vanished without a trace? Did they exist?

What about me?

Or you...

Look, we are reasonable, we understand mortality, we accept. Really? This is why the madman of theatre writes about his revolt against reason. He is right -- the flesh will never accept the idea of mortality. The Resurrection Idea (not only in Christianity) is the voice of flesh, or, should I say -- life?

If you believe in wisdom of body, you should listen to those voices from inside. Is our mind is not the triumph of the flesh, which finally rose up to the understanding of itself?

Look, I am struggling with the slave in me; the "bad subjects" shake the normal texts. Should I speak about theatre (live) as a future church? (Should I the performance art and performance studies as a sign?) How can I talk about religious experience of theatre? Sometimes, I wish I could be mad and not to censor myself...

I am not in class, I am alone, why can't I speak my mind?
Come on! Miracle is "no explainations"! Something like art?..
Resurrection and Theatre? Resurrection is the altimate spectacle. The question is HOW this show could be put together? No disrespect, but how does it work? We learn, we try, generation after generation. So, I want to talk about the machine of resurrection.

Anatoly-director wants to say something:

ANATOLY: What do I have before directing any "classics"? "Text"? What is it? Memories? The books of the dead. What do I do? I call live people to serve the fantacies of the dead. It doesn't matter -- Shakespeare, Chekhov, Wilde -- the process is the same. Preproduction, casting, rehearsals... No, no, I am not alone, there are a lot of mad people around to do it. Humans are the mad animals.

RITES : "We are not so well informed about the practical and ritual side of Gnosticism as we are about its doctrinal and theoretical side. However, St. Irenaeus's account of the Marcosians, Hippolytus's account of the Elcesaites,the liturgical portions of the "Acta Thomae", some passages in the Pseudo-Clementines, and above all Coptic Gnostic and Mandaean literature gives us at least some insight into their liturgical practices."
Dead Christ
Dead Christ (Leonardo)

The End of the Golden Age
and Christian categories (Durer)?

Sight (Six Sense)

Hearing (some photos are missing, like Smell)

Touch (there were the cycle "Resurrection" - Hawaii)

1000 Years

[ my (old) paintings related to the theme ]

2004 & After


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Pantheism (From Greek pan, all; theos, god): The view according to which God and the world are one. [ Also is matter of the future, not the past. AA ]

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Resurrection is... the act or an instance of bringing something back to life. [ webster ]
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